Belarusian Exporters the annual publication is a reliable guide for entrepreneurs both in Belarus and abroad. Being a source of relevant and useful information about leading domestic manufacturers, the catalogue helps to get an objective picture of opportunities and prospects of cooperation with Belarusian companies.

Belarusian Exporters catalogue is distributed during visits and receptions of official delegations, foreign business communities, at international exhibitions and business forums, among foreign partners of the BelCCI, sent to foreign diplomatic missions, government agencies, and embassies of the Republic of Belarus.

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BUMEKS, Limited Liability Company
Address: 210033, city Vitebsk, Lazo str., 110G
Telephone: +375 212 679-834, +375 29 553-0170
Manufacture and sale of paper products and stationery (tape for ATMs, infokiosks and cash registers, self-adhesive labels, carbon paper, paper rolls, notebooks, notepads).

AddiTech, Limited Liability Company
Address: 211441, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk District, Novopolotsk-1
Telephone: +375 214 594-513
Production of integrated packages of high-efficiency lubricating oil additives to be used for the manufacture of lubricating oils for gasoline and diesel engines. Production of a wide range of additives with varying functionality (succinimide, dithiophosphate, sulphonate, alkyl-phenolic derivatives), other petrochemical products (concentrate of calcium compounds, bituminous mastic mixtures). Development and introduction of science-intensive technologies into the production of additives.

AgroPishcheProm, Limited Liability Company
Address: 224025, Brest, Belorusskaya St., 51-B
Telephone: +375 162 505-039
Development and production of machines and processing equipment for the food industry, metal, sanitary and hygienic equipment and products, special-purpose equipment and vehicles.

Agroprodukt, Limited Liability Company
Address: 225071, Brest Region, Kamenets District, vil. Oberovshchina, Gorkogo St., 10-A
Telephone: +375 1631 906-37
Processing of oil rapeseeds, soy seeds, sunflower seeds. Production of unrefined oil (rapeseed, soyseed) and refined deodorized (rapeseed, soy and sunflower). Production of rapeseed meal and soy meal.

AleStep 77, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220113, Minsk, Melezha St., 3, office 609
Telephone: +375 17 368-3030
Trade in products of Belarusian enterprises.

Aliansplast, Limited Liability Company
Address: 210017, Vitebsk, 1-ya Zhurzhevskaya St., 10-A
Telephone: +375 212 616-102
Die-casting production of polymeric household containers (printed and without print) for packaging, storage and transportation of food and industrial products (plates, trays, buckets (with and without cover), containers). Production of plastic packaging using IML technology, polymer film manufacture.

AMIPAK, Joint Venture Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247355, Gomel Region, Buda-Koshelevo, Lenina St., 61-A
Telephone: +375 2336 746-44
Production of a wide range of packaging materials and products (flexible packaging materials, disposable packaging, polymer multi-turn containers) for the food and pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, commercial and industrial enterprises.

Amkodor-Elastomer, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 222750, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk District, vil.c Fanipolski, 22
Telephone: +375 1716 216-00
Production of molded and non-molded rubber goods, rubber mixes.

Amkodor-Pinsk, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 225710, Brest Region, Pinsk, Dostoevskogo St., 7
Telephone: +375 165 667-363
Production of loading excavators, loaders, snow cleaners, vibrating rollers, other road construction machinery.

AMKODOR-SEMASH, Open Joint-Stock Company – Holding Managing Company
Address: 222720, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk, Fominykh St., 19
Telephone: +375 1716 763-06
Production of attachable and loading equipment for mini-loaders, multifunctional semitrailers, feed mixers and distributors, mineral and organic fertilizers spreaders.

AridGrow Production, Joint Limited Liability Company
Address: 247988, Gomel Region, Zhitkovichi District, settl Chervonoe, 31, office 1
Telephone: +375 29 369-0099
AridGrow Desert Landscaping Technology. The technology for non-utilization elimination of emergency oil and oil product spills. Production and wholesale trade in advance refining peat products under the trade mark 'AridGrow' (humic peat concentrates).

Asomedica, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220004, Minsk, Kollektornaya St., 3-A, office 200
Telephone: +375 17 298-5138
Production of medical items and medical equipment.

ATOMTEX, Scientific and Production Enterprise
Address: 220005, Minsk, Gikalo St., 5
Telephone: +375 17 270-8142
Design and production of devices and equipment for nuclear measurements and radiological surveillance.

Automation Group GmbH, Scientific and Production Limited Liability Company
Address: 220013, Minsk, Platonova St., 45, building 8, office 2
Telephone: +375 29 610-2521
Development and production of automation for industrial enterprises. Sensors. Industrial safety mats.

AVD production, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223044, Minsk Region, Minsk District, a/t Vishnevka, Vostochnaya St., 6
Telephone: +375 17 505-9596
Production of coffee, tea, coffee-based beverages, cocoa and coffee substitutes. Services for grocery products packaging.

Avgust-Bel, Closed Joint-Stock Company
Address: 222852, Minsk Region, Puhovichi District, settl Dukorsky, 18
Telephone: +375 1713 938-00
Production of plant protection chemicals (liquid preparative forms of herbicides, fungicides, seed disinfectants and insecticides).

Aviation Technologies and Systems, Chinese-Belarusian Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 222224, Minsk Region, Smolevichi District,  Industrial Park 'Great Stone', Sapfirovaya St., 18
Telephone: +375 17 591-0194
Development, production, sale, maintenance, subcontracting for the production of all types of aircraft as a whole, aircraft engines, simulators, models, flight simulators, components, flight control systems, communication systems, aviation electronics, parts of aircraft; aircraft maintenance and operation management; development, integration and maintenance of software for computer and information systems.

Babushkina Krynka, Open Joint Stock Company – Holding 'Mogilev Dairy Products Company' Managing Company
Address: 212013, Mogilev, Pavlova St., 3
Telephone: +375 222 792-001
Production of a wide range of dairy products, powdered milk.

Bair West, Limited Liability Company
Address: 212030, Mogilev, Ostrovskogo St., 56
Telephone: +375 222 740-909
Design, production and supply of industrial ventilation systems.

Bakery-Confectionery Company Domochay, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 212022, Mogilev, Kosmonavtov St., 39-A
Telephone: +375 222 767-787
Production of bakery products, confectioneries.

Baranovichi Automobile Units Plant, Open Joint-Stock company
Address: 225320, Brest Region, Baranovichi, Gagarina St., 62
Telephone: +375 163 423-110
Production of components for trucks, buses, trolleybuses, trams, railway equipment.

BDC-Air, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220086, Minsk, Slavinskogo St., 1-A, office 404-A
Telephone: +375 17 268-0101
Development, production and supply of professional air-filtering systems.

Bel-Plast International, Joint Company Limited
Address: 231300, Grodno Region, Lida District, Lida-11, p/o box 36
Telephone: +375 154 526-956
Production of plastic packaging (bottles, cans, canisters, lids) for household chemicals (cleaning agents, detergents, abrasives and other products), car cosmetics (antifreeze, car shampoos, brake fluids, cooling liquids, anti-icing agents, glass washers, polishes), cosmetics (shampoos, liquid soap, bath foam, gels, balms and hair conditioners), food products (ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, toppings and other sauces) and medical products (liquid soap, disinfectants).

Belalco Brest Distillery, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 224005, Brest, Sovetskaya St., 2/1
Telephone: +375 162 269-100
Production of vodka, liqueurs and spirits; bottling of cognacs; production of pure alcohol and potato starch.

BelAseptika, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 223043, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil. Tsnyanka, Armeyskaya St., 8, office 7
Telephone: +375 17 500-3301
Development, production and distribution of universal disinfectants, including detergents; professional, concentrated cleaning and washing agents; alcohol-containing and alcohol-free skin antiseptics; a wide range of liquid soap, including soap with antibacterial effect; professional protective cosmetics; products for medical use (elbow dispensers, wet wipes with medicines, medical gel for ultrasound analysis, cotton wool); herbal pharmaceutical products branded 'PhitoDoctor': tinctures, extracts and herbal preparations; nutrient medium and pharmaceutical substances; herbal teas, as well as black and green teas with the addition of herbs; aromatic alcohols, hydroalcoholic infusions and compositions, aqueous alcoholic extracts.

BELFRITEKS, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220123, Minsk, Starovilenskaya St., 100/1103
Telephone: +375 17 324-0709
Development of individual design of souvenirs. Purchase of finished products with further branding.

Belhol, Limited Liability Company
Address: 222310, Minsk Region, Molodechno, V.Gostinets St., 31-A
Telephone: +375 176 581-382
Production of cold-stamped articles; painting of metal products with epoxy-polyester and water-soluble enamels; production of components for domestic and industrial refrigeration equipment, as well as wire and tubular products for shopping centers, exhibition halls, offices; production of technological equipment according to customer's documentation (stamps, casting molds, devices).

Belika-M, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220109, Minsk, p/o box 146
Telephone: +375 17 391-1778
Production and wholesale of perfumes and cosmetics (face, body, ahir care products, hair colors and tonins shampoos, etc.).

Belintertrans – Transport-Logistics Centre Republic Forwarding Unitary Enterprise under the Belarusian Railway
Address: 220039, Minsk, Voronyanskogo St., 6-V
Telephone: +375 17 225-3030, +375 17 225-1491, +375 17 225-8425
Full range of freight forwarding services, including the services with the provision of own and leased rolling stock, delivery of goods by several modes of transport (combined transportation), as well as express container trains, organization of multimodal transportation, delivery of perishable goods, terminal services, customs clearance, cargo insurance.

Belita, Joint Venture Limited Liability Company
Address: 220089, Minsk, Dekabristov St., 29-A
Telephone: +375 17 300-7100
Production and wholesale of perfumes and cosmetics.

Belmash Factory, Joint Limited Liability Company
Address: 212000, Mogilev, Slavgorodskiy Proezd, 37
Telephone: +375 222 798-888
Production of household and semi-professional woodworking machines, kinetic woodcutters, machines for cutting building blocks, power tools, goods for outdoor rest.

Belresursy, Open Joint Stock Company – Managing Company of Belresursy Holding
Address: 220099, Minsk, Kazintsa St., 4, office 304
Telephone: +375 17 221-0081
General management and coordination of the activities of the legal entities that are part of 'Belresursy' holding, representation of their interests. Trading and purchasing, production activities. Assistance in supplying domestic enterprises with material and technical resources.

BelStalImport, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220075, Minsk, Partizanskiy Ave., 178/1, office 507
Telephone: +375 17 388-2207
Sale of metal products.
Address: 220036, Minsk, Lermontova St., 27
Telephone: +375 33 911-1197
Description of activities: Freight forwarding services: road/rail transportation, air transportation, sea transportation, multimodal transportation; customs representative services; warehousing services; transhipment/transhipment services; attachment of navigation seals to road vehicles; marking of goods (excise marks, control identification marks, counter-labels, unified control marks, DATAMATRIX, RFID tags); reservation of a place in the queue at border crossing points; trading and logistics services; services of stockbroker (sales representative) at all sections of the JSC "Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange"; assistance in obtaining permits - certificates; development of own software products/complexes, realization and support of software products in the field of customs (AWP "BTS: Specialist", checkpoint "e-Declarant", PM "Customs Forwarder", AWP "PTO", AS "FEZ"). Constant updating of the software. Technical support 24/7. Service (hotels, cafe and shops network). Alcohol import. Tax Free.

Beltelecabel, Joint Closed Stock Company
Address: 220075, Minsk, Selitskogo St., 21, building 5
Telephone: +375 17 373-4822
Production of cable and wiring goods.

BIGAN, Joint Venture Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 230005, Grodno, Myasnitskaya St., 27
Telephone: +375 152 626-821
Production of multi-layer synthetic sausage casing 'BIGA-3'; design of sausage casing; application of images on sausage casing using the methods of flexographic printing, UV printing; sausage casing corrugation.

BKM Company, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223710, Minsk Region, Soligorsk District, train Kaliy-1, building IOOO "AykkhoffBel"
Telephone: +375 174 294-262
Mineral fertilizer production.

Bluming, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220004, Minsk, Korolya St., 9, office 9
Telephone: +375 17 375-1020
Production and supply of agricultural machinery, road construction and municipal machinery.

Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Units, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 213805, Mogilev Region, Bobruisk, Bakharova St., 225
Telephone: +375 225 467-808
Production of small-scale 'BELARUS' tractors with engine power from 25 to 62 h.p., spare parts and units to MTZ-produced tractors, a wide range of wheel discs for tractors and agricultural machinery.

Borisov Plant 'Metallist', Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 222520, Minsk Region, Borisov, 1-go Iyulya St., 6, office 1
Telephone: +375 177 731-780
Production of modern equipment and high-tech production lines for the agro-industrial complex. Integrated solutions in the field of grain and seed preparation, as well as the production of animal feed: from the selection of technology and equipment to commissioning and putting the facility into operation. The assortment of the enterprise includes: equipment for grain drying complexes and elevators (grain cleaning machines, bucket elevators, conveyors, grain dryers, etc.); technological lines and individual equipment for the high-quality seeds preparation (trier blocks, treaters, pneumosorting tables, etc.); equipment for the production of animal feed (hammer crushers, mixers, granulators, etc.); spare parts for agricultural machinery (sieves for grain cleaning equipment, hammers and sieves for crushers, shear bars, cardan shafts, knives and hubs, springs, etc.).

Borisov Sleeper Impregnation Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 222516, Minsk Region, Borisov, Sennaya St., 5
Telephone: +375 177 900-112
Production of treated wooden sleepers for broad-gauge railroads, treated wooden beams for railroad switches, treated wooden semi-sleepers, treated wooden bridge beams.

Borisovskiy Zavod Medicinskikh Preparatov, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 222518, Minsk Region, Borisov, Chapayeva St., 64
Telephone: +375 177 732-261
Production of a wide range of drugs (injection solutions in ampoules and sterile powder forms of antibiotics; pills; liquid phytochemical preparations and soft dosage forms; drugs in hard gelatin capsules).

Byelorussian Steel Works – Management Company of 'Byelorussian Metallurgical Company' Holding, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247197, Gomel Region, Zhlobin, Promyshlennaya St., 37
Telephone: +375 2334 552-20, +375 2334 545-20, +375 2334 546-31
Production of metal cord, bead wire, RML wire, square and round rolled stock, rod, bar iron, steel tubes, reinforcing rods, general-purpose wire, nail wire, spring wire, fibre.

CMO, Foreign Limited Liability Company
Address: 223051, Minsk Region, Minsk District, a/t Kolodishchi, Minskaya St., 67-A
Telephone: +375 17 500-0000
Production of telecommunication equipment.

Comintern, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246050, Gomel, Internatsionalnaya St., 5
Telephone: +375 232 331-976
Tailoring of men's suits.

Company Art Industria, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223050, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil.c Kolodishchanski, a/t Kolodishchi, Chkalova St., 56/3, office 40
Telephone: +375 17 508-0161
Production and distribution of paint and varnish materials.

Conte Spa, Joint Limited Liability Company
Address: 230026, Grodno, Pobedy St., 30
Telephone: +375 152 509-541
Production of hosiery articles for women, men and children, knitted outerwear and underwear, knitted headwear, scarfs and corsetry articles.

DONARIT, Publishing and Printing Private Unitary Enterprise
Address: 220030, city Minsk, 25 Oktyabrskaya St., office 2
Telephone: +375 17 389-7300
A full-service offset and digital printing company with over 20 years' experience on the printing services market.

DORELECTROMAS, Limited Liability Company
Address: 222210, Minsk Region, Smolevichi, Torgovaya St., 16, office 1
Telephone: +375 177 636-201
Development and production of road-building, snow-removing and special-purpose equipment.

ENEF, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 222310, Minsk Region, Molodechno, Metallistov St., 5
Telephone: +375 176 746-308, +375 176 746-312
Manufacture of electronic ballasts for fluorescent, ultraviolet and sodium lamps, power supplies for LED modules, LED lines, semiconductor blocks; lamps for motor vehicles, office, street, recirculators for air disinfection.

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