Belarusian Exporters the annual publication is a reliable guide for entrepreneurs both in Belarus and abroad. Being a source of relevant and useful information about leading domestic manufacturers, the catalogue helps to get an objective picture of opportunities and prospects of cooperation with Belarusian companies.

Belarusian Exporters catalogue is distributed during visits and receptions of official delegations, foreign business communities, at international exhibitions and business forums, among foreign partners of the BelCCI, sent to foreign diplomatic missions, government agencies, and embassies of the Republic of Belarus.

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Address: 220114, Minsk Region , Minsk , Nezavisimosti Ave., 169, room 512-C
Telephone: +375 17 218-1212
Description of activities: Manufacture of metal doors, window blocks, frames. Production of wooden doors, veneer, window headers, furniture board.
Address: 220090, Minsk, Logoyskiy Trakt, 22/1, office 309
Telephone: +375 29 841-0055, +375 29 893-1444
Description of activities: Development and creation of modern solutions based on liquid cytology, PCR, ELISA methods, innovative products for determining the pyrogenicity of medicines, products for the diagnosis of infections SARS-CoV-2, influenza A, B, monkeypox virus MPVX, test systems for food quality control, basic research, as well as consumables materials.
Address: 211440, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk District, Novopolotsk, Molodezhnaya St., 148-A
Telephone: +375 214 582-555
Description of activities: Wholesale trade in fruits and vegetables.
Address: 213765, Mogilev Region, Osipovichi, Pereulok Chernyakhovskogo, 1, office 18
Telephone: +375 29 172-7617
Description of activities: Sawing, planing of wood.
Address: 224013, Brest, Gogolya St., 81, office 39
Telephone: +375 29 523-0003
Description of activities: Production of decorative metal structures, LED framework New Year figures, production of framework car window blinds.
Address: 220096, Minsk, Uborevicha St., 126, building 21
Telephone: +375 29 390-0088
Description of activities: Legal advice (oral, written, due diligence), subscription legal services (outsourcing), business registration, support for amendments to the Charter, business sale, reorganization of enterprises, debt collection, representation in courts (international arbitration), government agencies, customs, certification and licensing, development, analysis of contracts, full transaction support, legal services for drafting and supporting foreign economic agreements (contracts) and transactions, supporting of enforcement proceedings, personnel records management services, obtaining a work permit in the Republic of Belarus, assistance during inspections, apostille and legalization of documents. Registration and sale of trade marks and other intellectual property items.
Address: 220112, Minsk, Prushinskih St., 60, office 52
Telephone: +375 33 604-1911
Description of activities: Export of vegetables.
Address: 220036, Minsk, R.Lyuksemburg St., 143, office 75
Telephone: +375 29 611-0061
Description of activities: Production of clothes and accessories (bags, backpacks).
Address: 220013, Minsk, Ya.Kolasa St., 36-42
Description of activities: Creation of promotional films. Shooting and creating videos about the company's activities, training videos, video instructions. Translation and dubbing of films into Chinese, Arabic, English and other languages.
Address: 220007, Minsk, Volodko St., 24-A, office 507
Telephone: +375 17 353-6349
Description of activities: Decorating glass containers by using silkscreen printing, coating and other methods. Wholesale of glass containers for various purposes, including jars and bottles of various volumes for preservation, beverages as well as medical containers.
Address: 210017, Vitebsk, 1-ya Zhurzhevskaya St., 10-A
Telephone: +375 212 616-102
Description of activities: Die-casting production of polymeric household containers (printed and without print) for packaging, storage and transportation of food and industrial products (plates, trays, buckets (with and without cover), containers). Production of plastic packaging using IML technology, polymer film manufacture.
Address: 220024, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk, Fominykh St., 56/2
Telephone: +375 17 275-1406
Description of activities: Complex deliveries of technological equipment for injection molding of plastics and equipment maintenance (injection molding machines, die casting machines (non-ferrous alloys, aluminum and magnesium), auxiliary equipment for injection molding); manufacture and supply of molds; services for molding plastic products at own production facility, as well as own production for casting plastic nipple stoppers and shrink caps for the food industry.
Address: 220002, Minsk, Kiseleva St., 30
Telephone: +375 17 239-5800
Description of activities: Production and distribution of beer, beer beverages, kvass.
Address: 222213, Minsk Region, Smolevichi District, vil. Dubrovo
Telephone: +375 29 699-6189
Description of activities: Manufacture of plastic accessories for soft toys.
Address: 220076, Minsk, Akademika Vysotskogo St., 3-10
Telephone: +375 29 250-6046
Description of activities: Wholesale of branded auto cosmetics, motor oils and chemical industry products.
Address: 210008, Vitebsk, 39-y Armii St., 54
Telephone: +375 29 711-7725
Description of activities: Production of sawn-off and unedged coniferous timber, as well as the manufacture of log cabins of houses, bathhouses, gazebos, small architectural forms from rounded logs; manual logging.
Address: 222306, Minsk Region, Molodechno, Sharangovicha St., 55-K
Telephone: +375 29 116-0498
Description of activities: Production of metal doors.
Address: 247210, Gomel Region, Zhlobin, Kozlova St., 50-G
Telephone: +375 2334 20-234
Description of activities: Production of containers for seedlings.
Address: 213930, Mogilev Region, Kirovsk District, a/t Lyubonichi, Ozernaya St., 25-A
Telephone: +375 2237 733-84
Description of activities: Roundwood processing.
Address: 213802, Mogilev Region, Bobruisk, Spartakovskaya St., 7, office 2
Telephone: +375 225 776-017
Description of activities: Production of furniture mirrors, glass articles.
Address: 231751, Grodno Region, Grodno District, vil.c. Vertelishkovski, 9/4, a/t Vertelishki area
Telephone: +375 152 473-170
Description of activities: Production of mineral-vitamin saltlicks, fodder concentrates, fodder mixtures, milk substitutes, energy fodders, special fodders for agricultural and wild animals, flour-based products for fishing, attractants.
Address: 220007, Minsk, Fabritsiusa St., 2, office 1
Telephone: +375 29 398-3985
Description of activities: Production of professional cosmetic products for hair, eyebrow and eyelash care. Own center for the development of cosmetic products. Contract manufacturing of cosmetics.
Address: 220125, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil. Kopische, Lopatina St., 7-A-1, floor 2, office 5
Telephone: +375 17 322-0873
Description of activities: Freight forwarding activities. A full range of services related to the transportation of goods by air, sea and combined transport, and also customs clearing services.
Address: 220053, Minsk, Orlovskaya St., 58, office 217
Telephone: +375 17 210-1934
Description of activities: Production of aluminum remote frames of various standard sizes and designs.
Address: 220072, Minsk, P.Brovki St., 19, office 44
Telephone: +375 17 357-1725
Description of activities: Manufacturing of industrial and street LED lighting. Wholesale in glass bottle.
Address: 220075, Minsk, Selitskogo St., 12, office 211
Telephone: +375 17 311-0500
Description of activities: Production of extruded aluminum profiles, powder coating and anodic treatment.
Address: 220075, Minsk, Selitskogo St., 10, office 508
Telephone: +375 17 330-1100
Description of activities: Production of a wide range of finished sectional lifting gates, swing gates, sliding gates, as well as sandwich panels, components and accessories for gates, handling equipment (dock levelers, dock shelters, dock platforms and vestibules), automation systems, aluminum products (die casting).
Address: 220075, Minsk Region, Minsk District,  , FEZ 'Minsk', Selitskogo St., 10, office 301
Telephone: +375 17 311-0550
Description of activities: Production of various types of foam-filled aluminum roller shutter profiles, roller shutter boxes, window sills (steel and aluminum) and a wide range of components for roller blinds, production of painted aluminum and steel tape.
Address: 223226, Minsk Region, Cherven District, vil. Rovanichskaya Sloboda
Telephone: +375 29 756-3430
Description of activities: Potato cultivation.
Address: 220140, Minsk, Dombrovskaya St., 9-19-B, office 12.2.2
Telephone: +375 17 510-9594
Description of activities: Design, development, implementation and maintenance of software; design, production, supply, installation, adjustment, implementation, repair and maintenance of automated process control systems, information and reference systems, systems and equipment for displaying information, industrial automation and automation systems; production of construction and installation works: electrical installation work, installation of automation systems, installation of communication devices and dispatching of engineering equipment.
Address: 220140, Minsk, Dombrovskaya St., 9, office 19-A, room 12.2.3
Telephone: +375 17 510-9594
Description of activities: Production of electric distribution and control equipment; software development and consulting in this sphere; construction, installation and commissioning works; design and research work; service maintenance and repair of electrical distribution and control equipment.
Address: 247210, Gomel Region, Zhlobin, Kozlova St., 17-A, building 1
Telephone: +375 29 377-0223
Description of activities: Production of sawn timber of edged coniferous and deciduous species.
Address: 213826, Mogilev Region, Bobruisk, Engelsa St., 61
Telephone: +375 225 707-047
Description of activities: Production of PVC articles, window blinds.
Address: 223141, Minsk Region, Logoysk, 2-ya Minskaya St., 2-I, k. 125
Telephone: +375 17 555-5010
Description of activities: Manufacture of non-sterile medicinal drugs and (or) pharmaceutical substances and their wholesale distribution.
Address: 222520, Minsk Region, Borisov, Ordzhonikidze St., 55, office 35
Telephone: +375 177 755-003
Description of activities: Production of biologically active food supplements.
Address: 224025, Brest, Katin Bor St., 33-V
Telephone: +375 162 272-401
Description of activities: Production of steel pipes and transformation mechanisms for upholstered furniture.
Address: 247355, Gomel Region, Buda-Koshelevo, Lenina St., 61-A
Telephone: +375 2336 746-44
Description of activities: Production of a wide range of packaging materials and products (flexible packaging materials, disposable packaging, polymer multi-turn containers) for the food and pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, commercial and industrial enterprises.
Address: 223050, Minsk, Minsk, a/t Kolodishchi, Mazinskaya St., 2, office 2
Telephone: +375 29 777-7209
Description of activities: Wood production. Design and construction of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber using the latest wood processing technologies.
Address: 210015, Vitebsk, Moskovskiy Ave., 12-78
Description of activities: Production of sawn timber, parts of furniture, furniture boards.
Address: 223053, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil. Borovaya, 1, main building, office 222
Telephone: +375 17 237-9260
Description of activities: Production of control cabinets, controller cabinets, automation cabinets, control modules.
Address: 220013, Minsk, P.Brovki St., 8
Telephone: +375 17 308-3300
Description of activities: Production and sale of construction and road machines (loaders, rollers, bulldozers, motor graders, excavators, backhoe loaders, milling machines, snowplows, trenchers), forestry machines (harvesters, forwarders, chipping machines, mulchers, timber semitrailers, tractors, loaders), warehouse machines (forklift trucks and electric forklifts, electric carts, hydraulic carts), peat-mining machines, agricultural machines and equipment (loaders, tractors, grain drying complexes, silos, canal cleaners, mounted mowers, trailed equipment), components (replaceable working bodies, cabins, bridges, GMF, hydraulic units, high-pressure hoses, lighting equipment, accumulators, rubber products, ABS plastic products).
Address: 222310, Minsk Region, Molodechno, V.Gostinets St., 38
Telephone: +375 176 730-046
Description of activities: Production of cabins for AMKODOR equipment. Production of warehousing machinery: electric and forklift trucks, electric platform trucks, hand pallet trucks.
Address: 220005, Minsk, Nezavisimosti Ave., 58
Telephone: +375 17 293-9405
Description of activities: Production of medical devices. Production of car lighting tools, car batteries. Production of household appliances (for kitchen). Production of radiomeasuring devices, state decoration articles.
Address: 222750, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk District, vil.c Fanipolski, 22
Telephone: +375 1716 216-00
Description of activities: Production of molded and non-molded rubber goods, rubber mixes.
Address: 211060, Vitebsk Region, Tolochin District, settl. Kokhanovo, Promyshlennaya St., 3, industrial hub
Telephone: +375 2136 235-87
Description of activities: Production of single-bucket hydraulic crawler excavators, wheel excavators, dredgers, mowers. Processing of metal products using the basic mechanical engineering techniques. Repair of general-purpose and specialized machinery and equipment.
Address: 223141, Minsk Region, Logoysk, Minskaya ST., 1
Telephone: +375 1774 234-89
Description of activities: Production of modern machines for the timber industry.
Address: 225710, Brest Region, Pinsk, Dostoevskogo St., 7
Telephone: +375 165 667-363
Description of activities: Production of loading excavators, loaders, snow cleaners, vibrating rollers, other road construction machinery.
Address: 222720, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk, Fominykh St., 19
Telephone: +375 1716 763-06
Description of activities: Production of attachable and loading equipment for mini-loaders, multifunctional semitrailers, feed mixers and distributors, mineral and organic fertilizers spreaders.
Address: 220073, Minsk, Pinskaya St., 18
Telephone: +375 17 355-5741
Description of activities: A specialized enterprise for ransmission units production. Design and manufacture of bridges and hydromechanical transmission gears for AMKODOR equipment, their service maintenance.
Address: 220040, Minsk, Nekrasova St., 11/34, office 3
Telephone: +375 17 251-3793
Description of activities: Production of vacuum heat-shrinkable bags for the food industry.