Belarusian Exporters the annual publication is a reliable guide for entrepreneurs both in Belarus and abroad. Being a source of relevant and useful information about leading domestic manufacturers, the catalogue helps to get an objective picture of opportunities and prospects of cooperation with Belarusian companies.

Belarusian Exporters catalogue is distributed during visits and receptions of official delegations, foreign business communities, at international exhibitions and business forums, among foreign partners of the BelCCI, sent to foreign diplomatic missions, government agencies, and embassies of the Republic of Belarus.

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Minsk Tractor Works, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 220070, Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya St., 29, office 201
Telephone: +375 17 246-6009
Production of wheeled and tracked tractor equipment, municipal and forestry machinery, as well as special vehicles. Production of spare parts, castings and casting molds from ferrous metals.

MINSKEXPO, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 220035, Minsk, Timiryazeva St., 65, office 702
Telephone: +375 17 367-9084
Arrangement of international specialized exhibitions.

Minskzhelezobeton, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 220118, Minsk, Kabushkina St., 66-A
Telephone: +375 17 390-8002
Production of reinforced concrete products (slabs, piles, slabs of heating mains, ridge plates, parapet plates, road plates, foundation blocks, trays, staircases and marches, rings, lids of wells). Production of vibropressed articles: expanded clay concrete wall blocks, paving tiles, side stone, landscaping elements. Production of mortars and concretes of various grades. Production of sawn timber, transportation and molding pallets.

Mogilev Free Economic Zone Administration, State Institution
Address: 212003, Mogilev, Chelyuskintsev St., 78-A
Telephone: +375 222 626-601
Mogilev Free Economic Zone activities management. Services to Belarusian and foreign investors. Attracting foreign and local investments for the creation export-oriented and high-tech industries.

Mogilev Silicate Items Works, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 212030, Mogilev, Krupskoy St., 224
Telephone: +375 222 722-238
Production of avtoclaved aerated concrete and silica brick products, dry construction mixtures, reinforced concrete structures, expanded polystyrene boards.

Mogilevkhimvolokno, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 212035, Mogilev
Telephone: +375 222 746-003
Production of polyethyleneterephthalate, polyethyleneterephthalate copolymer, polyester fiber and yarn, conjugate fiber, technical polyester thread, polyester sheet, bottle preforms, composite materials, polyethyleneterephthalate wrapping tape, fire pressure hoses, polymer film.

Molodechnomebel, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 222310, Minsk Region, Molodechno, Ya.Drozdovicha St., 14
Telephone: +375 176 580-588
Manufacture of cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture, furniture sets for bedroom, living-room, hall, library, kitchen from natural finewood.

MolTekhStroyMontazh, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220005, Minsk, Platonova St., 20-B, office 106, room 6
Telephone: +375 17 238-0925, +375 44 799-2056
Manufacture of technological equipment for the food industry: cottage cheese and cheese producers; cottage cheese cooling equipment; capacitive equipment of any volume and type (for storage, heat treatment, etc.); equipment for the production of fermented baked milk, sour cream, kefir, sourdough; cheese salting equipment; ultra- and nanofiltration devices.

Mozyr Dairy Products, Municipal Industrial Unitary Enterprise
Address: 247760, Gomel Region, Mozyr, Proletarskaya St., 114
Telephone: +375 236 242-532
Production of milk, dairy products.

Mozyr Machine-Building Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247760, Gomel Region, Mozyr, Portovaya St., 17
Telephone: +375 236 369-455
Production and distribution of crawler tractors, forestry, road-building, agricultural, municipal and special equipment based on automobiles and tractors; production of spare parts thereof.

Non-standard Automobile Construction Plant, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223062, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil.c Lugovoslobodskoy, vil. Obchak area, building AIC with canopy
Telephone: +375 17 510-8836
Production and repair of insulated truck bodies and vans. Production of cabs and truck bodies for special purposes. Production of kits for the assembly of truck bodies and special vehicles. Supply of components for the production of truck bodies. Production of sandwich panels.

Novogrudok Gas Equipment Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 231400, Grodno Region, Novogrudok, Mitskevicha St., 109
Telephone: +375 1597 437-71
Production of equipment to convert cars and trucks to liquefied and compressed gas (LPG/CNG), including the 4th generation ones; toroidal and cylindrical gas cylinders for cars of all popular standard sizes; 5-, 12-, 27-, 46-, 50-, 79-liter household gas cylinders; shut-off reducing valves (valves of oxygen cylinders, gas valves, gas pressure regulators, water valves, ball valves); safety automation means and accessories to gas stoves; gas meters, including with electronic temperature corrector; powder fire extinguishers; consumer goods.

NOVY VEK spring, Private Unitary Production Enterprise
Address: 210020, Vitebsk, 2-ya Priberezhnaya St., 1/11, office 1
Telephone: +375 212 481-627
Manufacture of compression, tension, torsion springs, pins, round steel spring tines up to 16 mm in diameter for agricultural and general engineering.

OPP CHASPROM, Open Joint-Stock Company
Address: 210002, Vitebsk, M.Gorkogo St., 42/3
Telephone: +375 212 235-828
Production and sale of interior wall clocks, table clocks and alarm clocks. Production and sale of genuine leather products: watch straps, waist belts, leather goods (passport, driver's license covers, business card holders, key rings, pencil cases, cosmetic bags, etc.).

Orsha Linen Mill, Republican Production and Trade Unitary Enterprise
Address: 211382, Vitebsk Region, Orsha, Molodezhnaya St., 3
Telephone: +375 216 53-0574
Production of a wide range of linen fabrics (costume, blouse, cloth for bed and table linen, industrial fabrics, decorative cloth, furniture fabrics). Manufacture of ready-made articles (bed and table linen, kitchen textile sets, blankets, plaids, sets for sauna, towels and sets of towels). Production of women's and men's clothing.

Oxygen Systems, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223062, Minsk Region, Minsk District, settl Privolny, Mira St., 53/4, office 203-A
Telephone: +375 17 512-8345
Production, sale, service maintenance of medical oxygen concentrators 'KS' with accessories and consumables.

Paper-Mill 'Spartak', Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 213004, Mogilev Region, Shklov, Fabrichnaya St., 26
Telephone: +375 2239 713-06
Production of paper, cardboard and products made of them: paper (corrugating paper, base paper for the production of toilet paper, paper towels and tissues); paper products (toilet paper, paper tissues, paper towels and ZZ-towels), three- and five-layer corrugated cardboard; corrugated cardboard boxes with the possibility of three-color flexoprinting.

Pchalyar Polachchyny, Farm Enterprise
Address: 211400, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk, P.Brovki St., residential area 72
Telephone: +375 214 777-747
Production of expanded polystyrene hives.

Plant 'Optic', Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 231300, Grodno Region, Lida, Masherova St., 10
Telephone: +375 154 611-223, +375 154 611-225
Manufacture of high-quality optic products.

POZHSNAB, Limited Liability Company
Address: 222514, Minsk Region, Borisov, 3-go Internatsionala St., 186-G
Telephone: +375 177 900-185
Design and production of fire-fighting and rescue equipment on MAZ, KAMAZ, MZKT, GAZ, URAL, UAZ, MTZ, MAN, IVECO, JAK, Mercedes chassis.

Primemilk, Limited Liability Company
Address: 231513, Grodno Region, Shchuchin, 17 Sentyabrya St., 51/2
Telephone: +375 1514 723-02
Production of fat-serum concentrate, cheese whey powder, soft cheeses.

Production Company 'Pride', Limited Liability Company
Address: 211440, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk District, Novopolotsk, Ktatorova St., 24-A
Telephone: +375 214 507-017
Production of polypropylene-, polyethylene-, polystyrene-, ultrathene-based composite materials; polyethylene and ultrathene film, encapsulating hot-melt and heat-shrinkable tapes.

Promef, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223053, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil.c Borovlyanski, to the west of the settl. Opytny, Tsentralnaya St.
Telephone: +375 17 516-5975
Manufacture of complete low-voltage distribution and control devices for 0.4 kV.

Promira, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223053, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil. Borovlyany, 40 Let Pobedy St., 5-B, office 207
Telephone: +375 17 389-7306
Production of low-voltage modular-packaged units.

Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247500, Gomel Region, Rechitsa, Frunze St., 2
Telephone: +375 2340 652-20, +375 2340 50-500
Production of metalware. Electric galvanizing of metalware. Hot galvanizing of tubes and metal structures.

Rechitsadrev, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247500, Gomel Region, Rechitsa, 10 Let Oktyabrya St., 17/19
Telephone: +375 2340 62-270
Production of wood chipboards, plywood, wood fuel briquettes and panels (latoflex). Production of furniture for home and office.

Regula, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220037, Minsk, Pereulok Kozlova, 29, office 6
Telephone: +375 17 224-6644
Design and production of optoelectronic devices for document validity examination, document readers and associated software.

Republican Research & Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, State Institution
Address: 220114, Minsk, Filimonova St., 23
Telephone: +375 17 358-3267
Production of drugs for the diagnosis of various viral (hepatitis, rotaviruses, coronaviruses, AIDS, flu, acute respiratory viral infections, hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome, West Nile fever and other highly contagious hemorrhagic fevers), bacterial (Lyme disease, chlamydia, escherichiosis) and parasitic diseases. Production of a wide range of immunofluorescence, enzyme immunoassay and other kits, including the test systems on the basis of immunoblotting and polymerase chain reaction. Production of kits for sanitary virology (for collection, extraction and concentration of viruses), kits to identify pathogens of intestinal parasitic diseases. Production of various cell cultures, culture media, solutions, kits and samples for check studies. Quality control of immunobiological drugs of domestic and foreign manufacture in the Republic of Belarus.

Research and Production Association 'Passat', Limited Liability Company
Address: 223701, Minsk Region, Soligorsk District, vil.c Chizhevichy, Metyavichskoye Shosse, 65
Telephone: +375 17 423-3525
Production of chemical enrichment equipment, including turnkey projects with R&D, design, manufacture, automation, start-up and commissioning of equipment. The main specialization of the company is the production of equipment for halurgical enrichment of minerals.

Rogachev Plant 'Diaproektor', Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247675, Gomel Region, Rogachev, Lenina St., 142
Telephone: +375 2339 340-08, +375 2339 34-261
Production of day/night sights, night-vision sight nozzles. Production of car service equipment, car components and accessories. Production of vandal-proof lamps.

Rogoznitsky Starch Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 231593, Grodno Region, Mosty District, vil. Lyada
Telephone: +375 1515 616-73
Production of starch and starch products.

Rudgormash, Limited Liability Company
Address: 223710, Minsk Region, Soligorsk, Severnaya St., 6
Telephone: +375 174 261-011
Development, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance, diagnosing and repair of technical devices used at potentiallyhazardous production facilities.

S-TANK WATER HEATERS, Limited Liability Company
Address: 222370, Minsk Region, Volozhin District, settl Ivenets, 17 Sentyabrya St., 72-V
Telephone: +375 177 267-711
Production of heat storage tanks to be used in heating and hot water supply systems, carbon and stainless steel boilers.

Salamander Window & Door Systems, Foreign Production Unitary Enterprise
Address: 225003, Brest Region, Brest District,  , airport 'Brest' area, FEZ 'Brest'
Telephone: +375 162 973-060
Production of PVC profile for window and door lintels (Salamander, Bruegmann, Evolution Drive profile systems), used for residential construction, renovation of residential blocks, and also for large-scale housing and facility construction.

Sanatorium 'Ruzhansky', Joint Stock Company
Address: 225155, Brest Region, Pruzhany District, vil. Zapolye, 1-A
Telephone: +375 1632 334-00
Health resort treatment and health improvement services (treatment of respiratory system diseases, disorders of locomotor apparatus and connective tissue, blood circulatory system, endocrine, nutritional and metabolic diseases, disorders of female reproductive organs and gastrointestinal diseases).

Sanitarnaya Oborona, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 223017, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil.c Novodvorski, 77, a/t Gatovo area
Telephone: +375 17 388-7410
Production of disinfectants and detergents, dosing devices. Rendering services.

Santa Bremor, Belarusian-German Joint Venture Limited Liability Company
Address: 224004, Brest, Katin Bor St., 106
Telephone: +375 162 299-029
Production of 13 categories of food products: herring, salmon, seafood, surimi products, salmon, caviar, capelin caviar in sauce, imitation caviar, spreads, canned fish products, seaweed products, salads, semi-finished dough goods, ice-cream.

Scientific and Technical Center LARTA, Additional Liability Company
Address: 246000, Gomel, Obyezdnaya St., 12
Telephone: +375 232 27-3616
Production of filters and filter elements for cleaning of natural and associated gas, air, fuel, technical oils, hydraulic and technological liquids from impurity elements, moisture and oil.

Seismotekhnika, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246020, Gomel, Vladimirova St., 16
Telephone: +375 232 568-259
Production of oilfield equipment, equipment and devices for geophysical survey, drilling equipment. Operating staff training. Service maintenance.

Slonimmebel, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 231800, Grodno Region, Slonim, Torgovaya St., 9
Telephone: +375 1562 665-46
Production of furniture sets for bedrooms, sets and stand-alone furniture items for family rooms, living-rooms; hallways, custom-made furniture.

Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 223610, Minsk Region, Slutsk, Tutarinova St., 14
Telephone: +375 1795 555-02
Production of natural dairy products: whole milk products, cheeses, butter, ice cream, mayonnaise, dry dairy products, mineral and drinking water.

Slutsk Sugar Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 223610, Minsk Region, Slutsk, Golovashchenko St., 6
Telephone: +375 1795 454-51
Production of a range of white sugar, dry granulated pulp, packaged raw pulp, molasses.

Softform, Joint Venture Limited Liability Company
Address: 220075, Minsk, Promyshlennaya St., 8-A
Telephone: +375 17 396-6547
Production of cabinet furniture for home and office, glossy facades with laser edging.

Soligorsk Institute of Resource Saving Problems with Experimental Production, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 223710, Minsk Region, Soligorsk, Kozlova St., 69
Telephone: +375 174 262-837
Development and production of mining, mining and chemical, handling, earthmoving, drilling and special equipment, warehousing, loading and unloading complexes, resource-saving systems for the development of potash deposits and geological exploration.

Specoptika, Limited Liability Company
Address: 212012, Mogilev, p/o box 16
Telephone: +375 222 711-371
Manufacture and supply a wide range of quality construction tools. The product range includes more than 100 types of products, including trowels, jointing, mixers, buckets.

SpectoCom, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220028, Minsk, Mayakovskogo St., 144, office 3-5
Telephone: +375 17 350-5500
Development and production of the 'Specto VMS' hardware and software complex for the registration, storage and processing of video and audio information. The Specto VMS complex includes: specialized software 'Specto VMS' for managing the entire complex, taking into account the highest requirements of public security services; universal data collection and storage terminals for recording, storing and processing video and audio information for personal wearable video recorders of various models; personal wearable video recorders.

STA LOGISTIC, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220123, Minsk, V.Khoruzhey St., 25, building 3
Telephone: +375 17 270-4979
An international 3PL operator providing the following services: road transportation (FTL/LTL), sea container transportation (FCL/LCL), rail transportation, delivery of oversized, heavy and project cargoes, air transportation, warehouse handling of goods, customs clearance, cargo insurance.

Stadler Minsk, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 222750, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk District, Fanipol, Zavodskaya St., 47
Telephone: +375 1716 224-10
Production of electric transport (electric trains, trams, subway trains).

STL Logistic, Joint Limited Liability Company
Address: 212018, Mogilev, Stantsiya Lupolovo St., 12
Telephone: +375 222 775-787
Full range of freight forwarding services in the field of multimodal transportation.

STRUM, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 222304, Minsk Region, Molodechno, Metallistov St., 8
Telephone: +375 176 581-616
Production of medical instruments and medical furniture.

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