Belarusian Exporters the annual publication is a reliable guide for entrepreneurs both in Belarus and abroad. Being a source of relevant and useful information about leading domestic manufacturers, the catalogue helps to get an objective picture of opportunities and prospects of cooperation with Belarusian companies.

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Minsk Tractor Works, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 220070, Minsk, Dolgobrodskaya St., 29, office 201
Telephone: +375 17 246-6009
Production of wheeled and tracked tractor equipment, municipal and forestry machinery, as well as special vehicles. Production of spare parts, castings and casting molds from ferrous metals.
Address: 211446, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk District, Novopolotsk, Parkovaya St., 16, building A
Telephone: +375 214 520-352
Description of activities: Production of children's play and sports outdoor equipment, small architectural forms.
Address: 222512, Minsk Region, Borisov, L.Chalovskoy St., 19
Telephone: +375 177 762-032
Description of activities: Repair and maintenance of heavy vehicles, engines, chrome plating and electroplating of parts.
Address: 223043, Minsk Region, Minsk District, a/t Bolshevik
Telephone: +375 17 504-8239
Description of activities: Production of eggs, poultry meat and dairy products.
Address: 220075, Minsk, Pereulok Promyshlenny, 9, building 5, office 12
Telephone: +375 29 761-1681
Description of activities: Production of technological cardboard package for the food industry and restaurant business.
Address: 210039, Vitebsk, P.Brovki St., 50/7
Telephone: +375 212 650-512
Description of activities: Production and supply of trading equipment (racks, checkouts, refrigerating equipment), development of smart solutions for the retail sector.
Address: 225320, Brest Region, Baranovichi, 50 Let VLKSM St., 7
Telephone: +375 163 417-098
Description of activities: Repair, modernization and service maintenance of Russian (Soviet) airplanes and helicopters. Development and production of new models of weapons and military equipment. Production of spare parts and components to aircraft machinery. Development and production of sophisticated test-bench equipment, checkout equipment for the repair of aircrafts and their components.
Address: 220100, Minsk, ул. Кульман, 11, офис 5
Telephone: +375 17 270-5517
Description of activities: Sales and purchases on the primary and secondary housing market, commercial and country properties, as well as representing valuation and analytical services. Support for real estate transactions at all stages.
Address: 246022, Gomel, Sovetskaya St., 41
Telephone: +375 232 343-957
Description of activities: Production of knitwear and hosiery (lingerie and outerwear, sports and swimwear range; business style clothing; hosiery range). Yarn whitening and dyeing; knitting fabrics of different weave types: coulir, interlocution, linen, lined, jacquard and mottled fabrics; finishing knitted fabrics (boiling, whitening, dyeing, stuffing); pile knitted fabrics; cutting and sewing finished products.
Address: 222160, Minsk Region, Smolevichi District, Zhodino, Sukhogryadskaya St., 11, office 38
Telephone: +375 1775 462-85
Description of activities: Production of linear and point drainage systems made of stainless steel for the reception and drainage of waste water; manufacturing of non-standard products (stainless steel metal structures according to the customer's design documentation). Services for sheet stainless steel cutting, bending, welding. Laser welding and laser cutting of metal.
Address: 247841, Gomel Region, settl Lelchitsy, Ostrovskogo St., 63
Telephone: +375 29 679-6034
Description of activities: Harvesting of wild vegetation, processing, cleaning, packing, freezing.
Address: 220030, Minsk, Internatsionalnaya St., 36-2
Telephone: +375 17 330-3030
Description of activities: Communication services.
Address: 222731, Minsk Region, Dzerzhinsk District, vil.c Stankovski, 30, office 30
Telephone: +375 17 270-0741
Description of activities: Production of personal protective means (household mask, medical mask).
Address: 220073, Minsk, Pinskaya St., 35, office 406
Telephone: +375 17 378-7800, +375 29 327-0195
Description of activities: International shipping services for cargoes all over the world by any means of transport from 100 kg to 100 tons.
Address: 220116, Minsk, Dzerzhinskogo Ave., 104, office 14026/2
Telephone: +375 17 336-1919
Description of activities: Deliveries of computer, server and digital equipment for various purposes, as well as software.
Address: 220040, Minsk, M.Bogdanovicha St., 122, office 101
Telephone: +375 17 338-4444
Description of activities: Deliveries of abrasive products, paints and varnishes and paint equipment to woodworking and metalworking enterprises, as well as to retail sales points. Owns a service center and manufacturing area for coloring and developing paints and varnishes.
Address: 220141, Minsk, Ak.Kuprevicha St., 5, building 3
Telephone: +375 17 268-6364
Description of activities: Industrial production of medicines (antiviral, antitumor, for the treatment of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal tract diseases). Pharmaceutical research and contract pharmaceutical production.
Address: 230023, Grodno, 1-go Maya St., 7/1
Telephone: +375 152 626-179
Description of activities: Production and sale of gloves and mittens from genuine leather, knitted fabrics and textile materials.
Address: 224704, Brest Region, Brest District, vil.c Telminski, 14 (1 km south-west of the vil. Khaby, ABK)
Telephone: +375 162 592-143
Description of activities: Production of starter lead-acid batteries and plates.
Address: 220100, Minsk, Surganova St., 57-B, office 130, room 111
Telephone: +375 17 352-0082
Description of activities: Accounting and tax services, payroll accounting, tax consulting.

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