Belarusian Exporters the annual publication is a reliable guide for entrepreneurs both in Belarus and abroad. Being a source of relevant and useful information about leading domestic manufacturers, the catalogue helps to get an objective picture of opportunities and prospects of cooperation with Belarusian companies.

Belarusian Exporters catalogue is distributed during visits and receptions of official delegations, foreign business communities, at international exhibitions and business forums, among foreign partners of the BelCCI, sent to foreign diplomatic missions, government agencies, and embassies of the Republic of Belarus.

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Address: 212033, Mogilev, Dneprovskiy Blvd, 18, office 22
Telephone: +375 44 742-8682
Description of activities: Manufacture and branding of advertising products and merchandise.
Address: 222306, Minsk Region, Molodechno, V.Gostinets St., 111, office 17
Telephone: +375 176 549-030, +375 33 385-6875
Description of activities: Provision of services for the independent appraisal of civil law objects.
Address: 223040, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil. Leskovka, Kalinovaya St., 17
Telephone: +375 44 586-9869
Description of activities: Vehicle and equipment valuation services.
Address: 220026, Minsk, p/o box 84
Telephone: +375 17 295-7275
Description of activities: Production and sale of automobile components.
Address: 222932, Minsk Region, Starye Dorogi, Kirova St., 149, office 2
Telephone: +375 1792 309-08
Description of activities: Processing of fruits and vegetables.
Address: 247432, Gomel Region, Svetlogorsk, Molodezhnaya St., 2-A
Telephone: +375 2342 92-197
Description of activities: Manufacture and wholesale of corrugated cardboard products according to the requests of enterprises.
Address: 220037, Minsk, Avangardnaya St., 61/3, office 12
Telephone: +375 29 375-4040
Description of activities: Tailoring, including on individual orders and the sale of textile products (work clothes, overalls, clothes for medical workers, uniforms, clothes for catering workers, bed linen, table linen and accessories, clothes for employees of ministries and departments, outerwear for everyday wear and other textile products.
Address: 210001, Vitebsk, Revolyutsionnaya St., 45
Telephone: +375 212 331-590
Description of activities: Production of alcoholic beverages (vodka, special vodka, liqueurs, herbal liqueurs, gin, bitters, low-alcohol beverages, distillate-based cocktails, alcoholic beverages from grain raw stuff), soft drinks, natural drinking water, blended drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw material, grain distillate, solid carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide ice), liquid carbon dioxide, rye malt.
Address: 210001, Vitebsk, Kosmonavtov St., 4
Telephone: +375 212 66-3052
Description of activities: Foreign economic services, consulting and information support, advertisement and publication activities. Interpreting and translation. Certification. Expert examination. Assessment. Issue of ATA Carnets.
Address: 210014, Vitebsk Region, Vitebsk District, vil. Trigubtsy, 1-A, Post Office Vitebsk-14
Telephone: +375 212 350-450
Description of activities: Production of broiler chicken meat, meat products, semi-finished goods.
Address: 210015, Vitebsk, B.Khmelnitskogo St., 20
Telephone: +375 212 480-419
Description of activities: Metrological services (check-out, calibration, testing, metrological review of measuring means). Repair of measuring equipment. Testing of products and raw materials, foodstuffs and agricultural goods. Certification of products, services, quality systems, registration of conformity declarations. Consulting services, information and other services on standartization, metrology and compliance assessment. Development and implementation of proficiency testing programs for laboratories, comparisons of measurement results.
Address: 210002, Vitebsk, Lomonosova St., 2-A
Telephone: +375 212 366-632
Description of activities: Development and production of lamps of any complexity and for various fields of application: lamps for public and industrial lighting, housing and public utilities, garden and park lighting, street cantilever luminaires, emergency luminaires, lamps for baths and saunas. Manufacturing of a wide range of luminaires for fluorescent lamps of any size, as well as explosion-proof luminaires for rooms with a high risk of explosion or ignition, mounting boxes and other products.
Address: 210033, Vitebsk, Frunze Ave., 83-K
Telephone: +375 212 558-889
Description of activities: Parts and components production for a broad range of ground equipment for repair and drilling of wells by flexible tubes; hydraulic fracturing. Blowout preventers production (preventing blocks and bore hole seals).
Address: 210604, Vitebsk, M.Gorkogo St., 49
Telephone: +375 212 673-652
Description of activities: Production of rapeseed, linseed, sunflower seed, soybean oil and meal.
Address: 210004, Vitebsk, M.Gorkogo St., 51
Telephone: +375 212 368-216
Description of activities: Production of spare parts and components for 'BELARUS' tractors.
Address: 210010, Vitebsk, Pravdy St., 52
Telephone: +375 212 680-040
Description of activities: Assistance to the Council members in the development of foreign economic relations.
Address: 210029, Vitebsk, Pravdy St., 52
Telephone: +375 212 680-040
Description of activities: Non-profit union of the Vitebsk region employers.
Address: 210034, Vitebsk, Bazovaya St., 14
Telephone: +375 212 618-777
Description of activities: Production and distribution of edged technologically dried softwood lumber, wood chips and sawdust.
Address: 210009, Vitebsk, Mira St., 11
Telephone: +375 212 671-299
Description of activities: Production of metal furniture and other furniture.
Address: 210029, Vitebsk, Pravdy St., 30
Telephone: +375 212 492-359
Description of activities: Production, transmission and distribution of electric and thermal energy; maintenance of power plants, electric and heat networks in proper condition; operational dispatch control of electricity production and supply technological process.

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