Belarusian Exporters the annual publication is a reliable guide for entrepreneurs both in Belarus and abroad. Being a source of relevant and useful information about leading domestic manufacturers, the catalogue helps to get an objective picture of opportunities and prospects of cooperation with Belarusian companies.

Belarusian Exporters catalogue is distributed during visits and receptions of official delegations, foreign business communities, at international exhibitions and business forums, among foreign partners of the BelCCI, sent to foreign diplomatic missions, government agencies, and embassies of the Republic of Belarus.

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Address: 246046, Gomel, Meditsinskaya St., 7-G
Telephone: +375 232 238-888
Description of activities: Greenhouse complexes construction and equipment. Construction services.
Address: 223062, Minsk Region, Minsk District, settl Privolny, p/o box 37
Telephone: +375 17 514-2941
Description of activities: Repair and restoration of starters, generators, turbo compressors of transport vehicles.
Address: 213204, Mogilev Region, Chausy District, vil. Samulki, vil. Samulki
Telephone: +375 29 649-6042, +375 29 241-9042
Description of activities: Interior doors production.
Address: 212000, Mogilev, Grishina St., 96-V
Telephone: +375 222 744-441
Description of activities: Development and production of filter elements for air and liquid purification.
Address: 223012, Minsk Region, Minsk District, settl Machulishchi, Aerodromnaya St., 14, office 11
Telephone: +375 17 512-1141
Description of activities: Production of polymeric materials for self-leveling floor covering, repair and strengthening of concrete bases.
Address: 220028, Minsk, Borodinskaya St., 2-D
Telephone: +375 17 272-7111
Description of activities: Production of energy-saving equipment (heat and hot water supply automated control systems, water and heat consumption metering devices). Service and post-warranty maintenance. Wholesale trade in associated goods.
Address: 230000, Grodno, Zamkovaya St., 7, office 2
Telephone: +375 29 188-7788
Description of activities: Business tourism, organization of exhibitions, seminars, business forums, visa support(services), MICE. The whole range of tourist services.
Address: 212002, Mogilev, Chaykovskogo St., 11, office 006
Telephone: +375 33 653-3130
Description of activities: Wholesale and retail trade in finishing materials.
Address: 220030, Minsk, Internatsionalnaya St., 31
Telephone: +375 17 377-8392
Description of activities: Inbound and outbound tourism, tourism services, sale of airline tickets.
Address: 220013, Minsk, Kulman St., 2, building 1, office 1-143
Telephone: +375 17 265-0631, +375 17 265-0632
Description of activities: Research and development, design and experimental works. Services for motor vehicles manufacture and their technical maintenance and repair means development.
Address: 231900, Grodno Region, Volkovysk, Oktyabrskaya St., 151
Telephone: +375 1512 50-000
Description of activities: Production of meat and by-products, sausage products and semi-finished products.
Address: 231900, Grodno Region, Volkovysk, Kuznetsova St., 7
Telephone: +375 1512 510-50
Description of activities: Deliveries to Belarus of construction equipment and spare parts for it, industrial, laboratory and medical equipment.
Address: 223053, Minsk Region, Minsk District, vil. Valerianovo, Logoyskaya St., 19
Telephone: +375 17 510-9555
Description of activities: Services for repair and modernization of electric motors, generators and transformers, pumps and compressors. Manufacture of induction furnaces for the impregnation of windings of electrical machines and electrical equipment.
Address: 220084, Minsk, Starinovskaya St., 14-A
Telephone: +375 1713 422-91, +375 17 503-1586
Description of activities: Production of toys, children's art sets, board games; wholesale trade in toys.
Address: 224032, Brest, Molodogvardeyskaya St., 6-2
Telephone: +375 29 801-3709
Description of activities: Development and production of control and switching cabinets for the technological needs of the customer.
Address: 247703, Gomel Region, Kalinkovichi District, vil. Bobrovichi, Lesnaya St., 24
Telephone: +375 2345 598-98
Description of activities: Production of longitudinally-sawn softwood materials to be sold in Belarus and abroad.
Address: 220002, Minsk, Kropotkina St., 44, office 310
Telephone: +375 29 353-0287
Description of activities: Organization of business and tourist visits from China, assistance to Belarusian enterprises in working with Chinese counterparties (translation services, search for counterparties, transaction support, legal advice, business consulting services, due diligence of Chinese companies, control of shipments in China).
Address: 225710, Brest Region, Pinsk, Irkutsko-Pinskoy Divizii St., 36
Telephone: +375 165 623-885
Description of activities: Manufacture of printed products (blank products, magazine products, self-adhesive labels).
Address: 211502, Vitebsk Region, Polotsk District, Novopolotsk, Armeyskaya St., 50, office 19
Telephone: +375 214 515-032
Description of activities: Production of pesticides and other agrochemical products.
Address: 220102, Minsk, Lazo St., 14, office 8 (floor 3)
Telephone: +375 29 824-6736
Description of activities: Construction and installation works.