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Gomel Carriage Works, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 246014, Gomel, Khimakova St., 4
Telephone: +375 232 337-039
Repair of more than 150 types of various-purpose carriages, including open-plan carriages, compartment carriages, soft-seated cars, RIC cars, inter-regional, detector cars, track recording cars, laboratories, special carriages (postal, baggage, restaurants, pharmacies, clubs, special-baggage, communications, diesel-power plants, tour, and other). Re-equipment and manufacture of carriages (passenger and special), manufacture and repair of wheel pairs, manufacture of spare parts for rolling stock, brake pads.

Gomel Chemical Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246026, Gomel, Khimzavodskaya St., 5
Telephone: +375 232 231-290
Production of complex phosphoric fertilizers (nitrogen-phosphoric-potash fertilizers, ammophos, ammoniated superphosphate), sulfuric acid (technical with improved properties, for batteries), aluminum fluoride, cryolite, aerosil, sodium sulphate (photographic, technical), plant protection products.

Gomel Experimental Forestry, State Specialized Forestry Institution
Address: 246042, city Gomel, Leningradskaya St., 42
Telephone: +375232 2603 76
Forestry. The product range include: round timber, lumber from different species of trees (birch, aspen, pine, oak, alder): boards, beams (edged, unedged), pellets, firewood, fuel chips.

GOMEL FOUNDRY 'TSENTROLIT', Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246020, Gomel, Barykina St., 240
Telephone: +375 232 223-261
Production of cast products from gray and high-strength cast iron for various sectors of the national economy (iron casting, continuously cast billets, tubings, weights, hatches, grates, furnace casting, urns, floor lamps, etc.).

Gomel House-Building Integrated Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246012, Gomel, Lazurnaya St., 17
Telephone: +375 232 434-343
Construction of residential buildings, including large-panel structures manufacturing, construction of multi-storey buildings, homesteads and cottages. Turnkey building-up of residential districts. Production of construction mixtures, concrete, reinforced concrete articles, construction materials, metal structures, magnetic board equipment. Export of construction services, reinforced concrete articles.

Gomelstroymaterialy, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246010, Gomel, Mogilevskaya St., 14
Telephone: +375 232 595-006
Production of a wide range of building materials (mineral (rock) wool slabs under the trade mark 'BELTEP', cellular concrete blocks, thick silica bricks, silica stones, silica partition board).

Gomselmash, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 246004, Gomel, Shosseynaya St., 41
Telephone: +375 232 530-866, +375 232 592-210
Production and sale of agricultural equipment (grain and forage harvesters), other types of agricultural machinery and spare parts. After-sales and service maintenance.

GORODNICHY, Private Unitary Enterprise of Service Providing
Address: 220118, Minsk, Kabushkina St., 66-1, office 12
Telephone: +375 17 399-0154
Provision of consulting and outsourcing services in the field of labor protection, fire safety, environmental protection, design of communication systems for buildings and structures.

Grodno Meat Processing Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 230005, Grodno, Myasnitskaya St., 25
Telephone: +375 152 455-000
Production of sausages, meat products, dumplings, by-products, fat, bristles, endocrine-enzyme raw materials.

Grodno Plant of Lathe Chucks 'BelTAPAZ', Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 230005, Grodno, Gaspadarchaya St., 29
Telephone: +375 152 553-502
Production of more than 170 modifications of 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-jaw self-centering lathe chucks with a diameter of 80, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400 and 630 mm made of steel and cast iron, with prefabricated or one-piece jaws, and spare parts thereof.

HIMMEDSINTEZ, Research and Production Centre, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220099, Minsk, Kazintsa St., 11-A, office B-603
Telephone: +375 17 300-0360
Development, production and distribution of disinfectants and cleaning agents, veterinary drugs, articles for medical use.

HimPromPak, Limited Liability Company
Address: 247433, Gomel Region, Svetlogorsk, Pereulok Parkovy, 3/4
Telephone: +375 29 191-1493
Production of polymer containers for powdery products, fabrics for big bags, polypropylene yarns and twine (including hay twine), polypropylene bags for sugar, flour, grain, garbage, building materials with moisture-proof liners.

Horizont Factory of Electronics and Household Appliances, Production Unitary Enterprise
Address: 220014, Minsk, Pereulok S.Kovalevskoy, 62, office 16
Telephone: +375 17 226-3601
Production and OEM-assembly of television equipment and household appliances, consumer electronics.

InvestlineCapital, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220118, Minsk, Kabushkina St., 66-1, office 9
Telephone: +375 17 270-1300
Providing complex services for the exploitation of buildings and structures, maintenance and repair of all types of engineering systems and communications.

Involux, Closed Joint Stock Company
Address: 224024, Brest, Gorodskaya St., 72
Telephone: +375 162 250-336
Production of furniture for home and office.

Kalinkovichskiy Meat Processing Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
Address: 247710, Gomel Region, Kalinkovichi, Severnaya St., 8
Telephone: +375 2345 260-23
Processing of sausage products and meat semi-finished products using advanced technologies and keeping to traditional recipes.

KAMAKO PLUS, Belarusian-Polish Joint Venture Limited Liability Company
Address: 222514, Minsk Region, Borisov, Morozova St., 87
Telephone: +375 177 747-005
Production of mayonnaise sauces, tomato sauces, other sauces and mustard.

KF-AUTO, Limited Liability Company
Address: 220055, Minsk, Kolesnikova St., 38
Telephone: +375 177 747-005
Development, design and production of special vehicles (ambulance cars, mobile laboratories, vehicles for law enforcement agencies), buses and utility vehicles based on all-metal vans.

KOMPO Machine-Building Enterprise, Limited Liability Company
Address: 224032, Brest, Ya.Kupaly St., 108-D
Telephone: +375 162 34-1193
Production of equipment for meat-processing industry.

Konglomerat, Limited Liability Company
Address: 224144, Brest Region, Pinsk, Brestskaya St., 162
Telephone: +375 44 558-4036
Production of wooden mechanically-operated construction kits for children and adults, 3D puzzles, collapsible models, wooden souvenirs and decoration pieces branded 'EWA Eco-Wood-Art'.

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