Newsletter headings of "Mercury"

№ 4, 2020

Joint Stock Company "Krasny Mozyryanin" is one of the oldest food industry enterprises in Belarus. Its history dates back to 1913, when a wealthy landowner Gorvat built a factory on the territory of the modern town of Narovlya for processing fruits and vegetables grown in his estates. Later, the factory changed its specialization into the production of sweets.

The name "Krasny Mozyryanin" was given to the enterprise in 1925 in honor of the friendly assistance of the Mozyr workers, who restored the factory from scratch after destruction during the Civil War. In the same year, the factory released its first products: chocolates, toffee, jam, pastila, marmalade, zefir.

The destructive power of the Second World War brought about changes in the life of confectionery companies. Damage to the factory was great, but the workers of "Krasny Mozyryanin" again breathed life into the enterprise. It was re-equipped, technically re-started. The company's heart began to beat rhythmically again.

Thus, despite all the difficulties, the factory has developed and improved, and for 107 years it has been pleasing consumers with delicious products made only from natural and high-quality raw materials.

Today, JSC "Krasny Mozyryanin" offers a series of marshmallows, marmalade, paste, toffee and sweets made by the latest recipes using modern technologies. The company produces more than four thousand tons of confectionery a year! Unique products of the factory are paste, two-colour marshmallows and marshmallows with filling – not any other confectionery company in Belarus produce such sweets. "Schedraya Korovushka" sweets, glazed zefir on the sticks "Zagadochny" (Mysterious), multi-layered marmalades "Raznakalyarovy" (Multi-colour), "Spakusa" (Temptation), "Carousel", jelly marmalade "Jolly" have become a kind of the factory's hallmarks.

These and other products are known and loved not only in the Republic of Belarus but also far beyond its borders. The highest quality of the products of JSC "Krasny Mozyryanin" has been repeatedly confirmed by gold and silver medals of prestigious Russian and international exhibitions and contests. One of the priority directions in the development of the enterprise is the expansion of sales markets and the opening of new export horizons.

Much attention is paid to the constant updating of the product range. The volume of production is constantly increasing, new equipment is being implemented, and technologies are being mastered. The development of products is carried out with maximum use of new types of raw materials, which give therapeutic and prophylactic properties to the products.

The company's specialists are constantly in search of new types and tastes of confectioneries. The factory has an expert and artistic council (it includes employees from all departments), where they taste new products and decide whether to put the novelties on the line or not. But it all starts with ideas. They are usually generated by marketing specialists: they often go to professional forums and exhibitions, try out foreign products, and keep in touch with colleagues. As soon as they come across something unusual, which is not presented on the Belarusian market, they bring the idea to the technological department. The task of technologists is to develop a recipe, think over how the product may look like. But the most important thing is to realize the ideas into a finished product.

Since 2020, "Krasny Mozyryanin" factory has launched the production of new jelly marmalades "Cherry ice", "Orange ice", "Kaleidoscope" and "Blue Lagoon", where innovative non-melting sugar powder is used instead of the usual sugar sprinkle.

The range of new products includes the flavors the customers have already fallen in love with:

"Cherry ice" is jelly marmalade with cherry flavor and a light aftertaste of fresh mint notes;

"Orange ice" marmalade has an orange flavor and the same light mint note;

"Kaleidoscope" marmalade has a rich fruit flavor.

Special novelty – "Blue Lagoon" – is marmalade with the taste of alcoholic cocktail "Blue Lagoon". There is not a drop of alcohol in the composition, but the aroma of the "strong drink" is felt quite vividly. 

The choice of four flavors of the new marmalade is not accidental. It corresponds to the consumer preferences identified by numerous marketing studies that have served the basis for the recipe having been improved.

The foremost and undeniable task of the company is to maintain high quality, which is based on the use of natural and innovative raw materials. "Cherry ice", "Orange ice", "Kaleidoscope" and "Blue Lagoon" jelly marmalades contain such unique-property ingredients as pectin and dextrose.

Pectin is an effective agent for increasing the resistance of the human body to unfavourable environmental factors. It removes toxic substances, heavy metal ions and radionuclides. Marmalade is beneficial for improving digestion and helps to increase the efficiency of mental activity. Moreover, it is low in calories.

Speaking about the second unique ingredient, dextrose, it should be noted that a variety of useful additives are widely used in modern life, and many of them sound unfamiliar to us. At first sight, dextrose in the food industry sounds creepy, doesn't it? But in fact, it is ordinary glucose, or, as it is also called, grape sugar.

The confectionery factory continues improving the technologies of light sweets production, which allows "Krasny Mozyryainin" to produce traditionally high-quality products and flexibly respond to consumer demand. The marmalade of "Red Mozyryanin" contains lots of nutrients necessary for a hale and well-being, helps to have a boost in energy and be in a good mood.