Newsletter headings of "Mercury"

№ 1, 2023
Heading: IN FOCUS


Maxim Andreevich, could you tell us about the "METALLOPTSBYT" company. What are the main areas of its operation?

"METALLOPTSBYT" specializes in wholesale and retail trade in the Belarusian market in rolled metal products. Besides, we provide services for the processing of rolled metal products ­using advanced technologies. These are, for example, plasma and laser cutting, guillotine cutting, manufacturing of reinforcing cages.

Our product range includes a wide variety of rolled metal products, including bar sections, flat and pipe shaped, ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless rolled stock. The finished products sold by "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC include metal nets, ropes and slings, components for sliding gates, cast iron hatches and many other types of products.

"METALLOPTSBYT" LLC operates on the basis of two modern office pre­mises. The organization also uses manufacturing and warehouse complexes with a developed infrastructure. All this allows us to provide a full cycle of services for the processing of rolled metal, executing orders of any complexity based on the wishes of the customer. We guarantee high quality of work, in-time order execution, compliance with GOST, manufacturing of any required number of products.

In addition, our own transport allows prompt delivery all over the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

A distinctive feature of the company is accreditation at the "Belarusian ­Universal Commodity Exchange" JSC and the use of its capabilities, including the electronic exchange platform, to sell metal products to our customers – both the flagships of the Belarusian industry and small business entities of the country working with rolled metal.

"METALLOPTSBYT" LLC this year celebrates the first round date – the 10th anniversary of its foundation. How has the enterprise developed its activities over the years?

During all these years we have deve­loped systematically – we have worked our way from a little-known micro-organization to a rather successful player in the rolled metal market.

Initially, "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC was established with the purpose and task of purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous metal products from Russian suppliers and their further sale, wholesale and retail, to Belarusian organizations and enterprises.

Subsequently, step by step, the organization expanded the list of partners – suppliers and customers, the list of products sold and the range of services provided, developed the production base, strengthening its position in the Belarusian rolled ­metal market.

Our reputation of a reliable and responsible partner made it possible to find new counterparts, and over the recent years we have established contacts with supplying enterprises not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan and Moldova.

The company boasts a professional team, which allows us to look ahead with confidence and set more and more complex and large-scale tasks.


Could you tell us about the achievements that you are especially proud ­of? What are the main advantages and strengths of your company?

We are convinced that success can only be achieved through high quality products, excellent customer care and a wide range of services. The company cooperates with world-famous metallurgical plants that produce the highest quality rolled metal, constantly studies new metalworking technologies, and implements them in its activities.

In addition, the indisputable advantage of our company is close attention and individual approach to every customer. "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC builds partnerships based on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Even in case of economic disputes, we strive to maintain good partnership relations with counterparts, actively using alternative methods of their resolving.

Our main achievement is the recognition from partners, experts, and the state.

Our clients are the leading industrial and construction enterprises of the republic, which trust us. Besides, every year our company participates in the national contest "Entrepreneur of the Year". In 2020, "METALLOPT­SBYT" LLC was awarded a place on the Awards and Recognition Board of the Oktyabrsky district of Minsk.

Representatives of the organization are members of various advisory and expert platforms of the republic. So, since 2021, I have personally been included in the Council for Entrepreneurship Development under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus.

I would also note that in addition to commercial activities, "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC is actively involved in ­solving various social problems at the capital city and country level.

Thus, the company actively cooperates with the Belarusian Orthodox Church, participates in the construction of a church in Chizhovka microdistrict in Minsk, as well as a church in the urban village of Rudensk.

"METALLOPTSBYT" LLC provides sponsorship to the ­Correctional and Developmental Education and Rehabili­tation Center of the Oktyabrsky District of Minsk, veteran organizations, and other public associations.

Thus, we carry out socially-oriented entrepreneurial activities, helping to solve social problems.

Who are your main partners and clients in Belarus and abroad? Have the negative tendencies of the recent years affected your work, the list of partners, and interaction with them?

The products and services of "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC are in steady demand among Belarusian counterparts. Moreover, as I have already noted, they include not only large industrial enterprises, but also small and medium-sized businesses, individual entrepreneurs.

From the point of view of a long-term strategy, our team is trying to form robust economic ties with such flagships of the Belarusian industry as "INTEGRAL" LLC and "Keramin" JSC.

On a planned basis, we carry out commercial cooperation with organizations that ensure infrastructure development in Minsk, for example, with the unitary enterprise of the electric power industry "Minskenergo".

Besides, our products are popular among business entities of the construction industry, for example, "Minskzhelezobeton" JSC and "MAPID" JSC. Thus, certain types of rolled metal are used in the construction of large-scale housing complexes, such as MINSK WORLD, and others.

At the same time, the area of activity and our commercial interests are not limited only to the capital. There are regular customers from among the enterprises of the Grodno region. In the Gomel region we work with the largest Belarusian manufacturer of agricultural machinery – the "Gomselmash" holding.

The Production Association ­"Belorusneft" also belongs to the clients with whom interaction is carried out on a permanent basis.

In terms of foreign partners, these are large metallurgical plants of the ­Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For example, in Russia, our organization works with such a major metallurgical company as "Severstal" PJSC, which owns the Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant (Vologda region), which is the second largest steel plant in Russia.

The Magnitogorsk Rolled Metal Plant is also a reliable partner. It is one of the world's largest steel producers, which occupies a leading position among ferrous metallurgy enterprises in the ­Russian Federation.

The products of the Novolipetsk Rolled Metal Plant, which are used in various strategically important sectors of the economy, from construction and mechanical engineering to the production of power equipment and large­diameter pipes, are in stable demand among the clients of "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC.

We have a long-term business relationship with the metallurgical holding "Novostal-M", which owns the Abinsk Electrometallurgical Plant and the Balakovo Metallurgical Plant.

The clients of "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC also highly appreciate the quality of the products of the Nizhny Tagil and West Siberian metallurgical plants, which are controlled by the international vertically integrated metallurgical and mining company Evraz Group.

Realizing the importance of country diversification of raw materials and products suppliers we have established close business relations with ArcelorMittal Temirtau, a vertically integrated steel and mining company in ­Kazakhstan, which owns the Karaganda Metallurgical Plant – the largest steelmaking enterprise in Kazakhstan.

Speaking about foreign partners, it stands to mention the Moldavian Metallurgical Plant, with which "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC also carried out joint business activities, being its representative on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. The plant's products were in demand by Belarusian enterprises.

Unfortunately, the current foreign political situation considerably complicated the possibilities of supplying metallurgical products from Moldova. However, competent joint efforts with suppliers from Russia and ­Kazakhstan made it possible to promptly resolve the difficulties encountered, to provide customers of "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC with uninterrupted access to high-quality metallurgical products.

Thus, it can be said with confidence that the company's management quickly and effectively responds to market challenges through continuous improvement of the organization's management system, including rapid adjustment of the marketing strategy, search for alternative supply options for the benefit of its customers.


What are "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC development plans? Are you planning new directions, expanding the geography of foreign partnerships?

The main task for the near future is to expand the range of rolled metal sold, as well as products manufactured.

Despite the fact that the activity of our company is mainly focused on the Belarusian market, we are planning to open a representative office in the Republic of Uzbekistan this year.

We also plan to develop partnership relations with the metallurgical plants of the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union: Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, as well as with enterprises of ­Uzbekistan.

Since 2017, "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC has been a member of the ­Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. And since last year, it has been a member of the Chamber's governing body – the Council. How interaction with the BelCCI is carried out: in what areas, services? What does membership in the BelCCI and the Council mean for you?

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest platform in the country that unites national businesses. Membership in the organization is important for us in terms of reputation building. In our interaction with partners, we always point out that we belong to the BelCCI, which helps to establish trusting relationships with potential counterparts, and also simplifies negotiations.

At the latest Congress of the BelCCI, "METALLOPTSBYT" LLC was elected as a Council member, which is a great honor for us and evidence that company's performance was officially acknowledged.

In terms of membership benefits and the Chamber's services, we try to use various opportunities provided by the BelCCI and its partners. So, foremost, we are using various information services, information about potential clients both in Belarus and abroad, which is especially important in the current business environment. Our team understands that the recom­mendation of the BelCCI serves as a certain criterion of trust to potential counterparties, evidence of their reliability, which is especially important for the development of foreign contacts.

The management of "METALLOPT­SBYT" LLC strives to use the platforms provided by the BelCCI both for establishing business contacts, ­promoting products and services, and as a platform for discussing the problems of country's business climate formation, developing interaction with state authorities, and solving issues of improving economic legislation.

I believe that the opportunities and tools of the BelCCI really help enterprises and contribute to the development of national business. Therefore, I definitely recommend our clients and partners to join the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.