BelCCI regional branches join Belarus Remembers. We Remember Everyone campaign

Date: 07-09 May 2020

Regional branches of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry joined the campaign Belarus Remembers. We Remember Everyone dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the country's liberation from the Nazi invader. On the eve of Victory Day celebrations, the heads of the BelCCI branches paid tribute to the fallen soldiers – liberators of Belarus and laid flowers at the the Great Patriotic War monuments around the country.

On May 8, the delegation of the Brest Branch of the BelCCI led by Valery Labun, General Director, laid flowers at the Internal Flame of the Brest Fortress Courage Monument.

On May 7, the General Director of the Vitebsk Branch of the BelCCI Natalya Vorobyova and her deputies laid flowers at the Memorial complex "To Liberators of Vitebsk – the Soviet soldiers, partisans and underground fighters".

On the eve of the Victory Day, the Gomel Branch of the BelCCI ordered the plaques with the names of 285 Soviet soldiers who died in the autumn of 1943 in the Vetka district. The plaques have been mounted on a mass grave in the resettled village of Besed. The leadership of the Gomel Branch of the BelCCI, led by Marina Filonova, General Director, visited the memorial on May 8.

The delegation of the Grodno Branch of the BelCCI and the Branch General Director Miroslav Sarosek solemnly laid flowers at the monument to Soviet border guards in Grodno on May 8.

On May 7, General Director of the Minsk Branch of the BelCCI Sergei Nabeshko took part in the solemn ceremony of flower-laying by the leadership of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry to "Memory" memorial in Minsk.

The leadership of the Mogilev Branch of the BelCCI, headed by the General Director Vitaly Ignatovich, paid tribute to the liberators of the Mogilev region by laying flowers at the Eternal Flame on the Glory Square as part of a citywide ceremony on May 9.