Online events of the BelCCI to support businesses

Date: 17 September - 01 October 2020


The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues broadcasting stream videos and practice-oriented webinars on YouTube. The heads of the BelCCI departments will inform the business community about some specific fields of the BelCCI activities to support businesses, the planned events and projects.

Traditionally, active participation and questions during the streams are welcome.

In September, online events of the BelCCI will cover the following topics:





September 17 Launching of "Export Academy": terms of participation Elena Khoroshevskaya, Director of the Business Training Center of the BelCCI  Stream

September 22

All about exhibitions: how to get positive results in 2020, novelties for the exhibition participants, plan for 2021, algorithm of getting state support for the participation in exhibitions


Andrei Shakhanovich, Head of the Exhibition and Fair Activities Department of the BelCCI, representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, regional executive committees

Practice-oriented webinar


September 24

BelCCI service for the acceptance of goods: what to keep in mind while concluding trade contracts

Petr Anufriyev, Chief Expert of the Certification and Expert Activities Department of the BelCCI


September 29

ATA Carnet as a mechanism to simplify temporary transfer of goods to foreign states


Vitali Vabischevich, Head of the Legal Department of the BelCCI


September 30

Practical aspects of the registration in REX system: what you need to know for exporting goods to Norway and Switzerland

Nikolai Zhukovskiy, Head of the Certification and Expert Activities Department of the BelCCI, representatives of the State Border Committee, state authorities, regional unitary enterprises of the BelCCI, business associations

Practice-oriented webinar


October 3

Trademarks registration abroad as an important tool to protect Belarusian export products



Vyacheslav Trofimov, Director of Belpatentservice Unitary Enterprise of the BelCCI