State Customs Authority and the BelCCI sign Cooperation Agreement

Date: 16 December 2019

The Cooperation Agreement between the State Customs Authority of the Republic of Belarus and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry was signed by the Chairman of the State Customs Authority Yury Senko and the BelCCI Chairman Vladimir Ulakhovich at the round table on the topical issues of the preferential trade of the Republic of Belarus.

As the BelCCI Chairman noted, the parties are already cooperating in a number of fields. "First of all, it concerns the issue of the certificates of the country of origin. Besides, we maintain close cooperation on the matters of signing free trade agreements. Today, we are already working in the framework of a free trade zone with Vietnam, not so long ago an interim agreement on a free trade zone with Iran came into operation, a few weeks ago, an agreement was signed with Singapore. Active work is underway on the same agreements with Egypt and Israel," Vladimir Ulahovich said.

Upon signing the Cooperation Agreement, the parties intend to jointly resolve a number of issues, including improving the legislative framework. In addition, the State Customs Authority and the BelCCI will carry out joint activities, will work together to optimize the procedures for obtaining a certificate of the country of origin, the use of ATA Сarnets.

The round table also addressed the prospects for the development of trade and economic relations with Serbia, mechanisms to support the implementation of an interim agreement leading to the establishment of a free trade zone between the EAEU and Iran, issues related to the use of the system of registered exporters for self-declaration of the origin of Belarusian goods exported to Norway and Switzerland, as well as the prospects for the use of electronic systems for confirming the origin of goods under free trade agreements.