Regulations on the contest for representatives of the media
"Development of the Export Potential of the Republic of Belarus"

Minutes of the BelCCI
Presidium meeting
No. 4 of November 18, 2020


General Provisions

1. This Regulation regulates the procedure for organizing and holding an open creative Contest "Development of the Export Potential of the Republic of Belarus" among mass media representatives (hereinafter referred to as the Contest), held by the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (hereinafter referred to as the BelCCI, the Contest organizer).

2. Contest objectives:

to distribute correct information about the national exports development, strengthening of international contacts of Belarusian enterprises, entry of their goods and services into new markets, and achievements in the field of foreign economic activity;

to draw attention of the media and the public to the main areas of the BelCCI activities, the opportunities provided by the BelCCI to business entities of the Republic of Belarus for the development of their foreign economic activity, understanding the role of the BelCCI as one of the effective mechanisms for promoting national exports.

3. The list of topics for the Contest "Development of Export Potential of the Republic of Belarus":

export potential of the Republic of Belarus, including certain sectors of economy;

foreign economic activity of Belarusian enterprises, including problematic issues in this area, ways and means of their solution, experience of successful entry into foreign markets, the role of the BelCCI in solving these issues; ; 

projects, services and events of the BelCCI, aimed at promoting and practical assistance to businesses in development of foreign economic activity and new markets.

4. The Contest is held in the following nominations:

"The Best Information Agency Author";

"The Best On-line Media Author";

"TheBest Print Media Author";

"TheBest Group of Authors on Television";

"The Best Author on the Radio".

5. As proposed by the members of the BelCCI Presidium and (or) the Contest Jury, the list of nominations can be supplemented with special nominations, the names of which, as well as the requirements to the Contest materials and the evaluation criteria are approved by the annual order of the BelCCI.



6. Contest participants can be individuals (authors (co-authors) of the media, including freelancers), groups of authors (for television materials), which are nominated independently or by the editorial board of the media (hereinafter - the Participant).

7. Materials, that are accepted for participation in the Contest include individual works and series of articles (messages), television and radio plots published by news agencies, network and print media, as well as those broadcast on TV and radio of the Republic of Belarus and other countries (hereinafter referred to as Contest Materials).

8. Contest Materials must be up to the topic and serve the purposes of the Contest.



9. To participate in the Contest the participants submit an application for participation in the form, which should comply with the Appendix to this Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the Application), to which the contest materials are attached:

printed media authors: original (copy) of a printed media page with published material;

information agencies and on-line media authors: the original post on the news feed in PDF, jpg format and a link to the original post on the Internet;

authors of television materials: recording of broadcast TV plots in the form of files in mp4, AVI, mpeg4 format on a flash card and a spot run confirmation;

authors of radio materials: recording of radio broadcasts as mp3 files on a memory stick and a spot run confirmation.

Applications and contest materials are submitted to the organizer of the Contest by mail to the following address: 11, Kommunisticheskaya St., 220029 Minsk marked "For the Media Contest."

10. If the contest materials and (or) the application do not comply with the conditions for participation in the Contest and (or) the procedure for their submission, then the organizer of the Contest has the right not to transfer such materials to the Contest Jury for evaluation.



11. The Contest is held annually and includes the following stages:

Contest announcement;

submission of applications and contest materials by participants;

selection stage (determination of the compliance of applications and competitive materials with the conditions for participation in the contest and the procedure for their submission);

final stage (evaluation of contest materials and summing up the Contest results);

awarding the Contest laureates.

12. The timing of the Contest and its stages are approved by an order of the BelCCI.



13. The Contest materials are assessed by the Contest Jury, members of which are appointed by the contest organizer. The Contest Jury includes at least five people and it is approved by an order of the BelCCI.

The Chairman of the Jury is the Chairman of the BelCCI.

14. Criteria for contest materials evaluation:



completeness and consistency of information provided on the topic;

compliance with highest professional standards for media materials and genres of publications;

originality and persuasiveness of publications, duly expressed author's position, creative findings;

depth of analysis;

activity of the author (group of authors) in covering the BelCCI activities.

15. One winner is selected in each nomination of the Contest.

However the Contest Jury has the right to select a different number of winners in the following nominations:

in the nomination "The Best Print Media Author" - up to 4 participants (one in each of the categories "Republican/Industry Media", "Regional/District/City media", "Foreign/Interstate Media", "Author of Analytical Materials");

in the nomination "The Best Group of Authors on Television" - up to 2 participants (one in each of the categories "Republican Television", "Regional Television");

in the nomination "The Best Author on the Radio " - up to 2 participants (one in each of the categories "Republican Radio", "Regional Radio").

The winner is the participant whose contest materials most closely correspond to the contest topic and objectives and which received the highest evaluation by the majority of the Contest Jury members. In case participants get equal number of votes, the vote of the Chairman of the Jury is decisive.

16. In each nomination of the Contest, it is possible to reward participants who did not become winners of the Contest, but whose materials were noted by the Jury (hereinafter - the Diploma Winners of the Contest).

17. The Jury may decide to award the Grand Prix of the Contest for a special achievement in achieving the Contest Objectives.

18. The Jury's decision is documented in a protocol signed by the Jury members.



19. The laureates of the Contest (1st place winners and diploma winners of the Contest, as well as winners of the Grand Prix) are awarded cash prizes and diplomas of the BelCCI. The amount of cash bonuses and the procedure for their payment are approved by the order of the BelCCI.

In case of awarding co-authors, group of authors, one cash prize is awarded to all participants specified in the application. In this case, the amount of the cash bonus is distributed as agreed by them in the application.

20. The laureates of the Contest are usually awarded publicly in a solemn ceremony.

21. The results of the Contest are published on the BelCCI website within three working days after the awards ceremony for the contest winners.



22.   Responsibility for the observance of copyright for the Contest materials is borne by the participant who submitted them.

23. Participants give to the Contest Organizer the right to use the Contest materials and their parts for non-commercial purposes (publication on the Internet, in print media, placement on exhibition stands, etc.) with an indication of the author (authors).

24. Contest materials are not reviewed, paid for or returned.

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