Члены ТПП

At the moment 2376 BelCCI members

Motor industry (66)

1. Aksiom-group, Limited Liability Company
2. Antonar, Joint Limited Liability Company
3. Atlant-M Vostok, Joint Limited Liability Company
4. Automobile Сonstruction, Limited Liability Company
5. Avtogydrousilitel Borisov Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
6. Avtoradius, Additional Liability Company
7. BAZDorMash, Limited Liability Company
8. BCM, Limited Liability Company
9. BELAVA Special Vehicles Plant, Joint Closed Joint Stock Company
10. Belavtomazservice, Joint Limited Liability Company
11. BELAZ, Open Joint Stock Company – Management Company of Holding "BELAZ-Holding"
12. BELGEE, Joint Closed Joint Stock Company
13. Belkard, Open Joint Stock Company
14. Belrobot, Closed Joint Stock Company
15. Belshaltech, Limited Liability Company
16. Beltehavtoprom, Additional Liability Company
17. BELTRIBO, Joint Limited Liability Company
18. Belvneshinvest, Closed Joint Stock Company
19. Borisov Plant of Aggregates, Open Joint Stock Company
20. Brake Hydraulics, Production Unitary Enterprise
21. Busstyling, Private Production Unitary Enterprise
22. DIFA, Joint Open Joint Stock Company
23. Ekran, Open Joint Stock Company
24. Equipment Rent Investment, Joint Limited Liability Company
25. Eton-Eltrans, Production Unitary Enterprise
26. Fenox, Research and Development Limited Liability Company
27. Fourteen, Republican Unitary Production Enterprise
28. Grodno Mechanical Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
29. Holding Management Company Belkommunmash, Open Joint Stock Company
30. KofurPlus, Limited Liability Company
31. LAMSYSTEMBREST, Foreign Limited Liability Company
32. MAZ-Kupava Automobile Trailers and Bodies Plant, Limited Liability Company
33. MAZ-MAN, Belarusian-German Joint Stock Company
34. Millennium Grupp, Joint Venture Joint Stock Company
35. Minsk Agroservice, Open Joint Stock Company
36. Minsk Automobile Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
37. Minsk Factory of Automotive Complete Sets, Joint Open Stock Company
38. Minsk Motor Plant Holding Managing Company, Open Joint Stock Company
39. Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
40. MZTA, Limited Liability Company
41. NPP Engineering Auto, Limited Liability Company
42. Osipovichi Automobile Units Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
43. Pozhsnab, Limited Liability Company
44. Profmashtehnika, Additional Liability Company
45. Rusautoprom, Limited Liability Company
46. SALEO – Holding Managing Company, Limited Liability Company
47. SALEO-Gomel, Open Joint Stock Company
48. SMIautotrans, Limited Liability Company
49. Spetsautotekhnika, Open Joint Stock Company
50. Stroyremauto, Unitary Private Production Enterprise
51. TAiM, Open Joint Stock Company
52. Technoton Electronics, Limited Liability Company
53. TehnoCenter, Limited Liability Company
54. Tiger, Limited Liability Company
55. TigerInvest, Private Production and Trade Unitary Enterprise
56. Transformauto Plus, Closed Joint Stock Company
57. Unison, Belarusian-British Closed Joint Venture Joint Stock Company
58. Universal Bobruisk, Production Unitary Enterprise of the Belarusian Association of the Deaf
59. VIPRA, Production Private Unitary Enterprise of the Belarusian Association of the Deaf
60. Vitali Mazurkevich, Individual Entrepreneur
61. Vitali Trafimenkau, Individual Entrepreneur
62. VitarAutomotiv, Belarusian-German Joint Venture Limited Liability Company
63. VIZIT-AUTO, Limited Liability Company
64. VOLATAVTO, Open Joint Stock Company
65. Wild Honey, Private Ptoduction and Trade Enterprise
66. Zavod Flometr, Closed Joint Stock Company