Члены ТПП

At the moment 2376 BelCCI members

Metal working production (31)

1. Alexander Shmatov, Individual Entrepreneur
2. Avtodetal, Limited Liability Company
3. Belcvetmet, Open Joint Stock Company
4. Belhol, Limited Liability Company
5. BELNIILIT, Open Joint Stock Company
6. Belvtorchermet, Open Joint Stock Company
7. BM Ferum, Limited Liability Company
8. Byelorussian Steel Works – Management Company of "Byelorussian Metallurgical Company" Holding, Open Joint Stock Company
9. Dionis, Additional Liability Company
10. EKO-LES-O Scientific and Production Complex, Joint Closed Joint Stock Company
11. Gomel Foundry "TSENTROLIT", Open Joint Stock Company
12. Gomelvtorchermet, Production Unitary Enterprise
13. Grodnovtorchermet, Production Unitary Enterprise
14. KompositeLife, Limited Liability Company
15. Konus, State Enterprise of the Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus for Agricultural Mechanization
16. Lida Foundry and Mechanical Plant, Open Joint Stock Company
17. Mekhmetalservis, Limited Liability Company
18. Metiz, Production Unitary Enterprise of the Belarusian Association of the Deaf
19. METIZAR, Production and Trade Unitary Enterprise
20. Minsk PKTI, Open Joint Stock Company
21. MISOM OP, Open Joint Stock Company
22. Promkomsnab, Limited Liability Company
23. ProShtamp, Private Production Unitary Enterprise
24. RECIF Technologies Bel, Limited Liability Company
25. SINTA, Scientific and Production Closed Joint Stock Company
26. Speclit, Limited Liability Company
27. State Research and Production Association of Powder Metallurgy
28. Svetotechnika, Production Unitary Enterprise of the Belarusian Association of the Visually Handicapped
29. Tochnaya Mechanica, Limited Liability Company
30. Unidragmet BGU, Scientific and Production Republican Unitary Enterprise
31. Universal-Lit, Production Unitary Enterprise