Члены ТПП

At the moment 2376 BelCCI members

Glass and ceramics (20)

1. Almaz-Luks, Joint Limited Liability Company
2. ApATeCh-Polotsk, Limited Liability Company
3. Belstekloprom, Production Unitary Enterprise
4. BO ALLUR, Production Unitary Enterprise
5. Brest-OPTIMAL-FEZ, Unitary Production Enterprise
6. Dobrush Porcelain Factory, Closed Joint Stock Company
7. Enisei, LLC
8. Gefest-Kvarts, Production and Trade Unitary Enterprise
9. Glassworks "Neman", Open Joint Stock Company
10. Gomelglass, Open Joint Stock Company
11. Grodno Glassworks, Open Joint Stock Company
12. Korall, Open Joint Stock Company
13. KUVO, Private Production Unitary Enterprise
14. New Glass, Open Joint Stock Company
15. PetroPlavGlas, Limited Liability Company
16. Polotsk-Steklovolokno, Open Joint Stock Company
17. Posuda, Additional Liability Company
18. Steklo-Service, Joint Limited Liability Company
19. Steklolux, Limited Liability Company
20. Steklosfera, Joint Limited Liability Company