Date: 16 - 18 Sep 2021
The country: Armenia
City: Yerevan
Format: Exhibitions and fairs
Organizer: Belinterexpo
Location: SKK them. Karen Demirchyan
Participation: Paid
Start of the event: 16.09.2021 12:00:00 am
Contact person: Julia Yurova
+375 17 334 82 05
+375 44 509 12 10

Exhibition unitary enterprise "Belinterexpo" invites interested Belarusian companies to take part in the international trade and industrial exhibition, which will be held from 16th to 18th September 2021 in Yerevan (Armenia).

The largest manufacturers, equipment suppliers, investors and project initiators, technology licensors will gather on it.

The main thematic sections:

• Mechanical engineering

• Petrochemistry

• Construction and interior design

• Transport and freight

• Medical equipment and pharmaceuticals

• Woodworking

• Financial services

• Tourism and rest

More than 170 companies, associations, unions and organizations from Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Lithuania, China, India, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Iran take part in the exhibition annually.