Uzbek-Belarusian Business Council meeting in Tashkent
6 February 2024

The second Forum of Regions of Belarus and Uzbekistan has started in Tashkent. During two days, its participants will discuss a wide range of issues of bilateral interregional interaction – from investment and industrial cooperation to strengthening cultural and humanitarian ties.

Within the framework of the Forum of Regions, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan have organized the third meeting of the Uzbek-Belarusian Business Council – a consulting body, a special institute of business interaction designed to promote the development of partnerships, increase the efficiency of business ties between organizations in Belarus and Uzbekistan, as well as to identify and overcome barriers to expanding bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

More than 80 representatives of organizations and companies from the two countries took part in the meeting.

The event was opened by speeches by its moderators, Jamshed Urakov, Deputy Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, and Denis Meleshkin, Deputy Chairman of the BelCCI. They noted the strategic nature of Belarusi-Uzbekistan relations and the noticeable intensification of interaction between business circles in the last few months, which, in particular, has been facilitated by the events organized in Samarkand and Minsk through the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Personal meetings and business contacts at such events facilitate the discussion of specific areas for further cooperation, possible problematic issues and foster the joint search for their solutions for the successful implementation of mutually beneficial initiatives, expansion of comprehensive cooperation and growth of trade turnover.

The agenda of the meeting included discussions of the current issues of business cooperation between Belarus and Uzbekistan; analytical reviews and presentations by experts from the two countries were delivered. The partitipants exchanged views on promising areas for expanding cooperation in the fields of agriculture, meat and dairy production, environmental protection and development of technologies in this area, and the pulp and paper industry. The participants were also presented with the exchange mechanisms to support bilateral trade transactions offered by the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange, and the opportunities for investment partnership of Belarusian and Uzbek enterprises.

Following the presentations, business representatives had the opportunity to ask the experts questions they were interested in regarding bilateral cooperation, and also held B2B meetings with potential partners.