Academy of Export Project

Country Workshops are dedicated to informing business of the working opportunities, conditions and peculiarities in the context of specific groups of countries.

Country Business Workshops are especially relevant for Belarusian enterprises that are developing a strategy of export activities in order to enter new international sales markets.

Within the framework of workshops dedicated to export to certain countries, the legal aspects of financial activities and transportation of goods, the peculiarities of the legislation of a selected country or groups of countries, taxation and many other aspects are considered that will help to assess possible risks in advance and obtain reliable information.

The entry into the markets of various groups of countries in each specific case has its own special aspects. This is due to differences in legislation, competitive environment, requirements and consumer preferences.

Benefits of Attending Country Workshops:

  • obtaining up-to-date information. Speakers at the workshops are representatives of diplomatic services of foreign countries, as well as employees of republican and regional government bodies;
  • opportunity to exchange experience with the participants of the workshop and consult with experts;
  • extension of business contacts.

Country business workshops will help you assess in advance the risks of entering the markets of specific groups of countries, develop your own enterprise strategy and, armed with reliable information, take a confident step towards efficient export!

Industry Workshops promote the systematization of theoretical and practical developments in the context of industry and thematic areas of export activities and provide participants with the opportunity to obtain information from official representatives of industry associations, leading Belarusian and foreign industry experts.

We inform Belarusian business about the peculiarities and changes in legislation, provide information on the possibilities of expanding the geography of exports by complying with the mandatory conditions of potential sales markets.

Benefits of participating in industry conferences:

  • obtaining up-to-date information on the peculiarities of industry exports;
  • official representatives of industry associations as expert speakers;
  • opportunity to exchange experience with the participants of the workshop;
  • consultations with authors of draft laws, representatives of government bodies.

If you want to establish or successfully develop export of goods and services in your industry, to receive information on possible areas of development and entry into international sales markets, participation in industry conferences is an excellent opportunity to take another step towards the efficient export activities of your enterprise!

Regional Workshopscontribute to updating the prospects for export activities, stimulating regional opportunities and initiatives of the country's enterprises, taking into account the specifics of economic development. At the seminars, our experts talk about the capabilities of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the attracted specialists in an informational and advisory manner present solutions for promoting exports, including state support.

One of the features of regional workshops is the holding of events directly on the basis of enterprises in regional centers and cities of Belarus. One of the advantages of this format of events is the one-time involvement of the company's staff who are working to develop the export capabilities of the enterprise.

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