Мы развиваем бизнес в Гродненской области Республики Беларусь

Grodnoinvest Free Economic Zone Administration, State Institution

  • Management of the free economic zone and the special tourist and recreational park August?w Canal. Implementation of investment projects (greenfield and brownfield) using tax and customs preferences on land plots provided with transport and engineering infrastructure, and free production areas of existing enterprises. Production cooperation with existing FEZ residents, including the implementation of joint projects, the organisation of contract manufacturing on vacant production facilities, and trade. Implementation of tourism projects envisages investment projects for setting up recreation, tourism, recreation and healthcare facilities on vacant land plots in the special tourism and recreation park Avgustov Canal, located on the border of the three countries, with an area of over 5,700 hectares. The investor is granted tax and customs exemptions and comprehensive support.

  • Рожков Дмитрий Борисович, глава администрации

  • 230005, г. Гродно, ул. Горького 91а

  • +375 152 430-175