Regional Assembly of the BelCCI members in the Brest region
31 August 2022

An assembly of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry members to elect the delegates to represent the region at the 12th BelCCI Congress was held in Brest.

Participating in the meeting was Denis Meleshkin, the BelCCI Deputy Chairman.

Valery Labun, General Director of the Brest Branch, summed up the Branch's activities in 2019-2022, detailed on the new approaches and work forms introduced due to the difficulties in this period, as well as on the new opportunities to be used jointly by the regional branch and businesses.

The BelCCI Deputy Chairman Denis Meleshkin noted that despite the difficult period, the Chamber continued to actively promote business interests in foreign markets, provide comprehensive assistance and support to enterprises. He urged the region's business community representatives to use the capabilities of the BelCCI more actively, join its projects, and solve emerging problems together. Separately, Denis Meleshkin dwelled on the issues of force majeure circumstances confirmation, the information platform "proBusiness under sanctions", the advantages of being included in the Register of reliable partners as a significant image policy tool.

Deputy Director of the "Sifania-Ekotechnika" Alexander Sobolevsky and the Chairman of the Board of the Association of Tourism Organizations "Partnership" Mikhail Yurkevich shared the positive experience of cooperation with the regional branch of the BelCCI.

13 delegates were elected to represent the business of the Brest region at the Congress.

At the end of the meeting, eight Brest region enterprises were awarded diplomas of the Best Exporter 2021 National Contest, and new BelCCI member enterprises received member certificates.

The 12th Congress of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is convened by the decision of the Chamber Council on October 5, 2022. The Congress will take stock of the results of the BelCCI activities over the past three years and determine the directions for further development.