BelCCI takes stock of 2021: Brest region
3 February 2022

The Brest Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted an annual team meeting, devoted to stocktaking of the regional unitary enterprise's activities in 2021, setting plans and tasks for the current year. Attending the meeting was the BelCCI Deputy Chairman Denis Meleshkin.

The report on the main fields of activity of the Brest Branch of the BelCCI was made by General Director of the unitary enterprise Valery Labun, who stressed that despite the difficulties and challenges of 2021, the enterprise has done a lot to develop trade and economic ties of the Brest region enterprises with foreign partners and to expand the range of services offered to the BelCCI members. The Branch has managed to introduce new formats of work with businesses, bolster the activities to support export oriented companies and help them deal with the challenges caused by the continued pandemic.

Addressing the unitary enterprise managers and team, Denis Meleshkin voiced the strategic tasks of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the coming period, underlying that in the run-up to the Chamber's 70th anniversary special attention should be paid to the impeccable quality of the services provided, the professionalism of the team and active promotion of Belarusian exports.

Denis Meleshkin and Valery Labun handed out certificates of gratitude to the Brest Branch employees for their bona fide work and personal contribution to the development of the enterprise in 2021.