Meeting with the Orsha district businessmen
9 February 2018

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a meeting with the business community of the Orsha district. The event was attended by the Chairman of the BelCCI Vladimir Ulakhovich, the Chairman of the Orsha District Executive Committee Alexander Poznyak, Director General of the Vitebsk Branch of the BelCCI Natalya Vorobyeva, Director of the Orsha Office of the Vitebsk Branch of the BelCCI Igor Kosovsky, 60 managers and representatives of the district enterprises.

The event was organized as a part of the events to fulfillthe instructions of the Head of the State for socio-economic development of the district as an example for other territories of the country.

 The objectives of the meeting were to develop optimal forms and mechanisms for cooperation between the BelCCI and local business, to provide practical assistance to the enterprises of the district in organizing and improving foreign economic activity, promoting products, establishing new productions, and searching for business partners.

 Chairman of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vladimir Ulakhovich pointed out during the meeting that the BelCCI on the basis of the Orsha district is planning to work out an effective model of interaction with enterprises. "Our main task is to work directly with each particular enterprise, including small businesses. We will work over this interaction in the Orsha district and then step by step we will extend this practical experience to the entire country".

Vladimir Ulakhovich stressed that the meeting is very important both for the BelCCI and for the enterprises. "We need to understand what business needs, because we work in its interests," said the Chairman of the BelCCI. "Each enterprise should think about how to become an exporter, and the Chamber is precisely solving the task of assisting business entities on the foreign markets."

The Chairman of the BelCCI also stressed that the Decree on Entrepreneurship, adopted late last year, aims at maximum integration of small and medium-sized businesses in the foreign economic activities. The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry intends to intensify information support of foreign economic activities to accomplish of this task. The Chamber is planning to hold big instructive seminar meetings with representatives of the business community in each region.

 Speaking about the support provided directly to the enterprises of the Orsha district, the head of the BelCCI cited the "Bremino-Orsha" complex in the township Bolbasovo as an example. "We signed an agreement with this company and promote it at various international venues. We made presentations of this project in Berlin and Delhi," said Vladimir Ulakhovich. In his opinion, joint work with enterprises should be based on the initiative of the producers themselves. "Enterprises know their capabilities and interests, and we are ready to give them all possible support. Our task is to travel this path together with the enterprises in the shortest possible time and to discuss what we can do, what problems we have and how we can solve these problems together," he stressed.

Adapted from BelTA