A new unique course of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry "School of Export" has been launched
1 October 2018

The Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched a new unique course "School of Export". The same-name project has been being implemented by the Business Training Center of the BelCCI since February. A number of seminars have been held, including seminars on peculiarities of foreign markets, specific-matter seminars, i.e. on Kosher and Halal certification. The business course is another stage of the project.  

The business course has been worked out as a competency development platform for different-level and various-profile specialists who are engaged in the activities on product supplies and promotion both to traditional and new foreign markets. The implementation of the project is predetermined by the Activity Plan of the Belarusian Government on the implementation of the assignments the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced on April 24, 2018 as he addressed the Belarusian people and the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

Leading Belarusian experts in the fields of foreign economic activity, management, finance, marketing, logistics, taxation, customs clearance, business communication will deliver lectures on key aspects of export promotion and interaction with foreign partners.

The course includes the following eight educational modules: "Export Project Life Cycle", "Marketing Activities Organization and Improvement", "Export Contract: Legal Peculiarities of Exports", "Customs Support of an Export Project", "Logistics Stages of an Export Project", "Finance Management", "Tax Aspects of Export Activities", "Cross-Cultural Communication with Foreign Partners. Business Ethics". The lectures will be delivered by 26 highly-qualified specialists. In the whole, 94 representatives of the Belarusian enterprises and organizations have registered as the business course participants, including CEOs.  

On forming the course programme, special emphasis was put on practice-applicative knowledge. "We can't make up for the university study, but we took our exporters' needs as a premise. There are highly-skilled marketing professionals, the specialists who are fluent in foreign languages, but our exporters sometimes lack general knowledge on key elements of foreign economic activities. I mean legal sphere, contract drafting, the knowledge of particular foreign countries' markets, etc. These are the issues we have tried to integrate into the project," Vladimir Ulakhovich, the BelCCI Chairman noted.

"The majority of the participants represent private enterprises and the companies operating in service sector. It bears evidence to the fact that the promotion of service exports is particularly important nowadays," he added.