The BelCCI Presidium meeting
27 June 2022

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus Igor Nazaruk, Deputy Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus Dmitry Kharitonchik, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Bank BelVEB OJSC Taras Nadolny, Director of Game Stream JLLC Victor Novochadov, Deputy Head of the Administration of FEZ Brest Alexander Krivetsky, Director of Manuli Hydraulics Manufacturing Bel JLLC Andrey Ivanyuk, Head of the Department of International Cooperation and Application of Non-Tariff Regulatory Measures of the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus Evgeny Belov, representatives of enterprises and heads of the BelCCI regional branches took part at the meeting of the BelCCI Presidium held at the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The following issues were considered at the meeting:

work of the BelCCI on provision of advanced training for heads and employees of foreign economic and marketing divisions;

development of valuation services in the BelCCI system;

engagement of the BelCCI with the Eurasian Economic Commission on implementation of Order of the Eurasian Economic Commission Council No. 4 “On the Action Plan for Implementation of Strategic Directions for Developing the Eurasian Economic Integration until 2025” dated April 5, 2021;

role of the BelCCI representatives abroad, coordination of their activities, appointment and dismissal of the BelCCI representatives abroad.