Holding meetings and negotiations in the Republic of Belarus and abroad, searching for business partners

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The BelCCI provides a range of services on organization of business meetings, negotiations, contact and cooperation exchanges in various formats

В2В (Business to Business)

B2C (Business to consumer)

В2D  (Business to Diplomats)

В2G (Business to Government)

R2R (Region to Region)

Assistance in finding international business partners and potential buyers who have shown interest in your products and are ready to enter into substantive negotiations
Opportunity to meet with representatives of state authorities, diplomats
Opportunity to conclude contracts for the supply of products and establish new sales/supply channels
Organization of bilateral and multilateral business events in off-line and on-line format
Opportunity to continue negotiations at partners' location
Promotion of the interests of Belarusian exporters and the Republic of Belarus in the international arena
Distribution of your presentation materials
Organization of product presentation, the opportunity to present your brands
Organization of an advertising campaign for events, involving the media
Individual approach
Other related services